IBC provides OTC Dark Pool (ODP) services for UHNW (ultra-high net-worth) individuals and institutions looking to access cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others. IBC helps investors move money from traditional fiat currency into cryptocurrency via secure, private transactions facilitated through flexible distribution channels including personal Trezor wallet delivery, the world’s most secure hardware wallet. By working with us, you can transact large sums of money in and out of the cryptocurrency.


Fast funding and low fees Bitcoin dark pool

24/7/365 support

Legally compliant


Ranked #1 security Encrypted cold storage

The ODP service is truly global allowing market participants to transact with one another quickly, discreetly and securely. Trades conducted ODP are liquid and transparent, ensuring the most value for your investment stake. IBC will facilitate trades between investors and sellers in a transparent and cost-effective manner.
Trading crypto currencies in in its infancy and there are sharp practices on the exchanges which are not permitted in a more regulated environment. There is front-running, pump and dump as well as a swell of incorrect news doing the rounds that drive prices up and down.

Crypto OTC Benefits

● Ability to trade larger blocks without moving the market price
● Discreet access to diverse asset classes not listed on standard exchanges.
● Cost effective method for trading in the financial markets.
● Freedom of choice to investors.
● Highly transparent system with a high degree of information free flow.

Institutional demand for cryptocurrency is on the rise, as more investors look to capitalize on the blockchain revolution. UHNW investors or Family Offices who feel a sense of urgency should act now while the market is still expanding at an extremely rapid rate.

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Dr. Jason Corbett

Founder and Managing Partner of Silk Legal & International Blockchain Legal Veteran
Dr. Jason Corbett is the founder and Managing Partner of Silk Legal, a Bangkok based law firm …

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Per Lind

IOTA Foundation
Per, born in Denmark and currently residing in Thailand, is the epitome of a connector with a digital rolodex very few can match. Not only is he …

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