TREND/OPPORTUNITY REVIEW: My thoughts on the infamous IEO trend

About a year ago, when the IEO hype stated, I posted a few videos on about how I think the hype is expected to be short-lived, and the exchanges left standing will be the ones that focused on quality [Read more]

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Equity Token Offerings (ETOs) Explained & How Neufund Is Leading ETOs

What is Neufund: Neufund is a blockchain-based fundraising platform with strong potential to become the world’s leading platform for Security Token Offerings (ETOs). They are a company that is amongst the few of 2017’s successful ICOs that have actually developed a [Read more]

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Episode 44 : How IEOs Are Changing the Crypto Game.

CryptoCurrent Podcast with Richard Carthon and Mario Nawfal. CryptoCurrent is a blockchain and cryptocurrency multimedia news outlet, educating the public through thousands of blog, social media and podcast posts. Richard Carthon is alumni of the business department at Tulane University and has extensive [Read more]

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A Closer Look At The Initial Exchange Offering.

The Initial Coin offering is a fundraising mechanism that allows projects to raise capital via the integration of token-based value speculation and trading, thus elegantly sidestepping the necessity of providing equity to traditional Venture Capitalists. The Tokenomic model shows the [Read more]

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Is The Crypto Bear Market Over? No One Knows & I Honestly Don’t Give A Shit!

The recent bitcoin bounce to over $5,000 got the space buzzing again, attracting many individuals and businesses that left the space during the 2018/19 bear market. What frustrates me more is that the media, including shows I enjoy watching like [Read more]

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Blockchain Funding through Private Sale vs. Pre-Sale

Blockchain funding structure is evolving at a rapid rate. While companies are by no means obligated to follow a specific protocol or structure for their ICO beyond obvious regulatory compliance requirements like document authentication, ID verification, KYC, and AML, most [Read more]

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Securing an Investor Network for ICO Private Sales through Marketing

In one of the most widely discussed stories in cryptocurrency, Telegram canceled their public ICO offering after raising over $1.7 billion in Private ICO Sale from less than 200 private sale investors. Telegram is a hugely popular, widely used messaging [Read more]

2018-09-24T05:11:36+00:00September 13th, 2018|
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