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Senior Growth Hacker


Who we’re looking for

Are you a Senior Growth Hacker looking to make a mark in the hottest NFT & Crypto projects of the century?

Do you like to speak about Metaverses, Crypto Punks, Play to Earn gaming, DEFI, and new ways to growth hack projects to the moon?

Well if that’s you, we’ve been looking for you!

We’re looking for a senior growth hacker with great problem-solving skills. You’ll be working closely with our team of experts to build viral campaigns, come up with OG strategies and ways to growth hack communities on telegram & discord.


  • Growth hacking knowledge & Mindset, problem-solving skills 101
  • Knowledge of email, LinkedIn, Reddit automation, PPC (crypto related)
  • Skills to Build out communities fast & big
  • God with Scraping, public databases & things behind a paywall
  • Knowledge of Webharvy, Octoparse, Parsehub, or other similar tools.
  • Excellent English Skills
  • Knowledge of Telegram & Discord communities
  • You know your stuff with tools like Phantombuster, Texau, Airtable, Integromat or Zapier, and more.
  • You understand APIs, you can read them, retrieve data & automate them. APIs & Growth Hacking are going hand in hand at IBC.
  • Bonus points if you know tools our team never heard of

A bit about us

IBC is a full-service blockchain consulting agency. Providing fundraising, development, marketing, legal, strategy, and advisory solutions, IBC helps promising start-ups and established companies fundraise, design, build and deploy blockchain projects, and works with larger organizations to help incorporate the technology into their company.

Recognizing blockchain as a transformative technology for the efficient management of information and value and the integration of IoT in the move to web 3.0, IBC consists of a global team of industry leaders in blockchain programming, ICO/STO consulting, and business management as it specifically relates to decentralized projects. In less than a year, IBC has risen to become the recognized blockchain industry authority.