TREND/OPPORTUNITY REVIEW: My thoughts on the infamous IEO trend

About a year ago, when the IEO hype stated, I posted a few videos on about how I think the hype is expected to be short-lived, and the exchanges left standing will be the ones that focused on quality [Read more]

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Equity Token Offerings (ETOs) Explained & How Neufund Is Leading ETOs

What is Neufund: Neufund is a blockchain-based fundraising platform with strong potential to become the world’s leading platform for Security Token Offerings (ETOs). They are a company that is amongst the few of 2017’s successful ICOs that have actually developed a [Read more]

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Is The Crypto Bear Market Over? No One Knows & I Honestly Don’t Give A Shit!

The recent bitcoin bounce to over $5,000 got the space buzzing again, attracting many individuals and businesses that left the space during the 2018/19 bear market. What frustrates me more is that the media, including shows I enjoy watching like [Read more]

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ICO 2.0 Is Here: ETOs and Equity Tokens

ICOs have revolutionized the world of fundraising, helping start-ups and enterprises raise capital for their projects. However, ever since their conception, this space has been prone to scams, which can potentially have a disastrous effect not only for the unfortunate [Read more]

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