We have 2 clients in every transaction: The investor and the project seeking funding

For Projects:
  • We only accept projects that pass our strict qualification process
    Investors trust our ability & expertise in qualifying quality blockchain projects, including the team, technology, concept and the tokenomics
  • A minimum fee upfront fee is applicable to all projects (discounts may be applied in some cases)
    We expect projects to share the risk by investing capital into the fundraising process, even if minimal
  • We will support you throughout the investment process to ensure you tick all the requirements for a successful fundraising
    Our success is tied to your success as we make our profits from the success fee
For Investors:
  • We only send you qualified projects which fit your investment criteria
    Our goal is to make the process efficient for you
  • We will never share your details with projects unless you approve in writing
    We value and respect your privacy and time
  • We will continue to optimize our processes to ensure every new project we send you is tailored to your investment needs
    We understand the importance of nurturing our relationships built on utmost trust.



[email protected]


[email protected]

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US – North America Office

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Dubai – Middle East Office

Al jazeera al hamra
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UK -Western Europe Head Office

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