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There’s a lot of hype surrounding dApps (justifiably so), and it can be hard for companies to determine how to properly use dApps, especially with so many details to consider. At International Blockchain Consultants, we provide a variety of dApp-related services, ranging from simple consultations to full scale development. But first, you need to understand (if you don’t already) what a dApp is.

Like many words and phrases in the blockchain industry, “dApp” is thrown around a lot, sometimes without clarification or elaboration. Simply put, a “dApp” is a decentralized application whose backend code runs on a decentralized peer-to-peer network instead of a centralized server. As one explanation puts it, an app = frontend + server, whereas a dApp = front end + (smart) contracts. This last part is crucial–dApps usually use smart contracts to facilitate transactions, rather than other centralized mechanisms.

Traditionally, dApps have been divided into three separate categories. The Ethereum white paper, for example, lists three distinct types:

dApps that manage

dApps that involve money,
as well as additional

dApps that use
blockchains to govern a

By utilizing a decentralized network and harnessing the power of smart contracts, dApps perform vital functions like traditional apps but are much more cost-effective, secure, and efficient. As a result, many existing and emerging blockchain companies are working hard to perfect their respective dApps and gain some valuable market share.

At IBC, we are proud to offer the following dApp-related services:

As dApps continue to grow in their usability and accessibility, the market will continue to increase. With our expertise in dApp consultation, creation, and development, IBC can help to make your platform adjustment and dApp development smooth. Simply contact us through the link below and we can help you get moving.



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