Distributed Ledger Technology

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) constitutes shared distributed or decentralized digital ledgers implementing cryptographic algorithms to verify digitally represented assets or information over a peer-to-peer network. DLT operates via an innovative combination of distributed consensus protocols, cryptography and inbuilt economic incentives [Read more]

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Don’t Risk Breaking the Law: Make Sure Your ICO Consultant Has a Broker-Dealer License

Initial coin offerings are smashing records at breakneck speeds, and it seems the only thing that can stop them is the looming threat of litigation that will disrupt access to investors and strategies to find new revenue sources. Did you [Read more]

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Initial Miner Offerings – Same Tune, Different Name?

Initial Miner Offerings - Same Tune, Different Name? An IMO (Initial Miner Offering) is a relatively new market offering, and is both very similar to ICOs, and yet has different possibilities and opportunities. Before we discuss the pros and cons [Read more]

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7 Schritte um Ihre ICO mit einem Budget zu vermarkten

Der wichtigste Punkt für jedes Start-up, das darauf hofft, ein Initial Coin Offering zu machen, ist ein solides Produkt. Doch ein gutes Produkt allein reicht nicht aus. Hier sind 5 Tipps, die Ihrer Botschaft dabei helfen, potentielle Investoren zu erreichen, [Read more]

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