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    About IBC FastLane ICO/IEO/STO

    Get the deliverables, structure and marketing you need to launch your ICO/IEO/STO in weeks instead of months. Every step from project concepting, white paper development, technical documentation, business structures, landing pages, social media campaigns, PR, audience testing, and professional investor relations for raising funds quickly is at your fingertips with IBC’s unique FastLane ICO/IEO/STO approach.

    A team of IBC’s experienced specialized professionals will shepherd your project from idea to full blown, market trading success. From start-up to ICO/IEO/STO launch in the shortest time in the industry.

    Do You Qualify For IBC’s FastLane ICO/IEO/STO?

    Find out if your project qualifies to work with IBC and what steps you might consider to improve your chance of success by filling in the consultation request form above.

    As soon as you send in the consultation request form, an IBC specialist will contact you normally within 24 hours. We will create a report based on the consultation that includes the key steps for how you can move your project forward to become the next successful ICO/IEO/STO. Some projects will not be ready to work with IBC while others will be prime candidates. In either case, the consultation will improve your project by clarifying how to move your idea into an executable ICO/IEO/STO with or without IBC’s professional services.

    Getting Accepted Into IBC’s FastLane Will Make A Big Difference
    In Your Success And How Fast You Achieve It

    Think of IBC as your team of specialists capable of creating massive buzz about your project leading to successful fundraising IF…your project is worth generating buzz about to begin with.

    The days of any ICO/IEO/STO receiving attention have passed along with BTC’s near $20k high.

    We need to make sure you have a project with unique value to bring to the market before we can turn on the bright lights of marketing, fundraising, social media, and myriad other processes that convert your idea into your legacy.

    As long as your idea is clear and has some market potential, IBC’s FastLane ICO/IEO/STO can help develop a wave of investor interest. We will only present valid ICO/IEO/STOs to our curated list of accredited investors. This is why we offer and require a consultation for all potential ICO/IEO/STO clients.
    We simply cannot work with all the ICO/IEO/STO candidates that seek our services because many of these potential projects are not formulated well from the beginning for success.

    Your consultation with IBC may end up giving you some input that helps you expand and improve your idea. This leveling up process is common with most of our clients as our specialists add technical features, improve marketing strategies, and broaden applications far beyond the original scope of the ICO/IEO/STO. It is one of many ways IBC adds value to your original idea.

    We may also pop some hope balloons that are not based on reality. If you believe you have a unique idea, yet we are familiar with several projects already offering the same features, we will certainly share our knowledge even if it causes you to rethink your mission.

    What We Look For In Projects That Mark
    Them For Success


    ~ ~ ~

    The massively successful projects offer advantages that set them apart and attract attention. EOS promised scalability, ease of implementation, robust smart contracts and host of other features that made it one of the top ICO/IEO/STOs. Bancor solved the liquidity issue of distributed exchanges when few other major decentralized exchanges could. Bancor had a successful ICO/IEO/STO based on its unique concept. These are just two examples from many hundreds of ICO/IEO/STOs that carved an important niche for themselves. The opposite approach would be a new potential ICO/IEO/STO promising to be exchangeable into a national currency and to take over as a form of payment in the next year or two. Not. Happening. The market will not approve,


    ~ ~ ~

    Either the founder(s), someone on the team, or the advisers must know the targeted industry. For a real estate based project, there must be real estate professionals involved to give the project credibility. Same principle applies with medical projects, financial or trading oriented projects, and every other ICO/IEO/STO specialty. If there is no one directly involved in the industry targeted by the potential ICO/IEO/STO, then the ICO/IEO/STO is almost certain to struggle.
    With relevant and qualified advisers for the targeted industry, similar to how IOTA brought on IoT specialists or Walton Chain has retailers involved, an ICO/IEO/STO can quickly gain traction and beta testers. Make friends in the targeted industry and ask for input early. IBC can assist by connecting top experts from several fields as advisers for your ICO/IEO/STO.


    ~ ~ ~

    Many of the most famous ICO/IEO/STOs proudly proclaimed that they have no plan to turn a profit or reward investors. Think Telegram and EOS. ICO/IEO/STOs are trending towards presenting a business case since the cryptocurrency market cap has fallen to around $230 billion from a peak around $800 billion. Investors have been burned and want more of a business plan than “buy because there could be another bubble.”
    Projects like Salt lending offer returns to investors as do some decentralized exchange based tokens including Bridge Coin. The point is to build some form a business case around the project if possible. The odds of gaining market traction increase with potential for return on investment.
    While not 100% necessary, return on investment projects are the trend.


    ~ ~ ~

    Some of the strongest ICO/IEO/STO

    s have patents that help establish a technological edge. Other projects feature advanced apps or methods that set them apart. Whatever the form of advantage your project has, make the gap between you and your competitors as wide as possible and unbridgeable.


    ~ ~ ~

    Even a project without technical superiority can become successful if it has a passionate community behind. DogeCoin is the perfect example. It has no advantages relative to the market other than the marketing and community around it. These ingredients combined to make DogeCoin a nearly $600 bill market cap project. Build community every step of the way. IBC specializes in creating organically passionate communities that can power ICO/IEO/STO success.


    ~ ~ ~

    We have already supported many successful ICO/IEO/STOs, raising many millions of dollars. Along the way we have learned what works well for building momentum for an ICO/IEO/STO and the pitfalls that can destroy momentum. Should your project be accepted to work with IBC, bring an open mind and a willingness to pivot when needed. We view our role as making your project as big a success as possible, even if that means modifying the project to meet the market’s needs.

    Your Move. Get Your Project To The Next Stage On
    the Ladder Of Success By Checking In With IBC

      The Most Valuable Preparation
      for your Project

      Assessment Sessions are designed to drive and deliver significant value for your project, whether it is an ICO/IEO/STO or any blockchain-related project.

      The report will analyze your business model, vision, technology, legal compliance, white paper, tokenomics, team and competitors to ensure you are prepared for the hurdles you may face and significantly increase your likelihood of success.

      The Assessment Session will also provide you with a plan to present investors, partners, and your team to demonstrate your readiness as a business.

      Our most successful partners have all started with these assessments, the right foundation for a successful project.

      Services Covered in Assessment

      Raise Capital

      Turn Your Ideas
      into Technology

      Build a Custom Token
      with Wallet Support

      Legal Document

      Verify Your Smart
      Contracts and Blockchain

      Ensure Regulatory
      Compliance Protections

      Develop a Marketing & PR Plan

      Conduct a thorough SWOT analysis

      Gain exposure and attention

      Starting with your business needs and knowledge

      You don’t need to have the code or be ready to build it to get started with IBC. We want to know about your business first, tackling challenges and looking for the best opportunities available to you. Blockchain and cryptocurrency have the potential to make fundamental shifts to business models and improve operations.

      Mitigate against risks by starting with a clear discussion on your company, values, and customers. Creating and sharing foundational knowledge on a scoping call empowers you and your team to bring the best possible solution forward.

      IBC’s Fundraising Services

      Attend Private Dinners
      with investors

      Find VCs who are
      a good fit

      Pitch directly to investors
      at roadshows globally

      Market the right message
      to the right audience

      Work side by side with
      investors from the early stages

      Face to face meetings with funds, family offices & HNWI

      Gain credibility as a partner of IBC

      Ensure legal compliance

      Select the right
      fundraising structure

      Our Team and Network

      The key to any venture is building the right team. Our stellar network of industry leaders in blockchain programming, ICO/IEO/STO consulting, legal network, and ICO/IEO/STO marketing/PR and business management can successfully bring your concept into reality.

      Reserve Your FastLane Consultation Call Today

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