How To Dominate Crypto Using Growth Hacking Strategies

2021-01-28T19:24:17+00:00January 22nd, 2021|

Growth hacking strategies are some of the most underused strategies that you can use to dominate any sector, so how do use them to dominate crypto?

IBC (International Blockchain Consulting) is a leader in the crypto space that helps clients raise capital, but what separates it from other firms is that it also specializes in growth hacking.

Growth hacking is, in short, breaking the rules of marketing and doing things most people think isn’t possible. Strategies like scraping of emails of investors and contacting them on different platforms at the same time on autopilot, ranking number 1 on specific keywords on platforms like Medium and Quora, sending over 10,000 FREE messages on LinkedIn per day, are some of the things you can do with growth hacking.

The difference between traditional marketing and growth hacking is that with the latter you can take advantage of different platforms instead of specializing in one. You can achieve 10 times more with growth hacking than you would with traditional marketing, and it’s huge for raising funds and crowdfunding projects if you’re in the crypto space.

If you have the right message and the right product or offer, it’s all about getting in front of the right people. Growth Hacking does a really good job at distributing your message everywhere whether you’re building a community or reaching out to investors.