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The IBC ICO Accelerator Program (AP) provides the opportunity for a select number of businesses and entrepreneurs to receive support in creating a product that will be presented to the IBC investor network (including our own partner fund), gaining access to private equity with a project that has already been given a stamp of approval by IBC.

One project a month is chosen which passes thorough our vetting process which becomes eligible for entry into the program. The successful company benefit from a package of support and mentoring services including white paper creation, website design, marketing guidance, a legal audit and access to our senior consulting team.

The goal of the ICO Accelerator program is to help companies with a solid team and promising idea launch a superior product within a short space of time. IBC will support the team with industry connections for rapid growth.

How does ICO Accelerator work?

Since our investor network relies on our ability to select the right project for their investment consideration, members of IBC’s senior legal, technical and business development staff will carefully vet each application to the AP, picking candidates that have not only winning ideas and technology, but also the right team to deliver them.

IBC takes a minor ownership in each project accepted into the AP, meaning that our team is as invested in your success as you are. Since our return on investment is directly linked to the success of the start-ups that participate in the program, we continue to work with you beyond the initial stages and after you receive funding, offering all the support necessary for long-term success as a business.

Ultimately our vision is simple:
Finding and working with the next Amazon, Facebook or Google of the blockchain space.

What Can I Expect from the ICO Accelerator Program?

In a series of initial calls, IBC staff will evaluate the technology, your team members’ experience and professional qualities, and the market potential of your final product. Based on our evaluation, candidates will then receive:

1. Bespoke business plan creation;
2. Project management and logistics support;
3. Weekly check-ins and mentorship sessions;
4. 24/7 access to our senior team;
5. Legal document review;
6. Connection with domain-specific experts.
And of course, the chance to pitch your product to the IBC venture capital network.



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