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ICO bounty programs or ICO bounty campaigns are a method of providing incentives for promoting or developing a crypto project. An ICO bounty program does not have to run at the same time as in ICO occurs, often running either pre-ICO or post ICO.

Ideas for a bounty program for in ICO might feature tokens awarded to anyone helping to find bugs in code, write articles about the ICO project, or for video promotion in social media efforts. The marketing team and development team behind the cryptocurrency project has a wide range of options with regards to creating an ICO bounty program.

What is in ICO Bounty Campaign?

An ICO bounty campaign can differ from simply an ICO bounty because of the breadth and sophistication of rewards and planning that goes into an ICO bounty campaign.
If the cryptocurrency project offers an ICO bounty simply for somebody making a five-minute video review of the ICO project, that is less like am ICO bounty campaign and more of a simple ICO bounty.

ICO bounty campaigns will often have multiple tiers of token rewards based on the contribution of those promoting or helping to develop the Cryptocurrency project.
An example of an ICO bounty campaign with several layers of potential contributions and rewards is how CyberTrust is rewarding those that will promote the project via Twitter or Telegram, YouTube or even blogs. This ICO bounty campaign defines the release of tokens specifically based on the number of followers, the number of retweets and other social media indicators.

Cybertrust shows the difference between an ICO bounty campaign and simply a basic ICO bounty for one action or another.

How to Join an ICO Bounty

Joining an ICO bounty is extremely easy. There are several sites including ICOBountyHunt.com that list multiple ICO bounty campaigns anybody can participate in. Each ICO bounty campaign lists the requirements for obtaining the bounty from the ICO.

Some bounty ICO rewards are as easy to get as simply making a tweet with any number of followers on twitter. Other bounty programs for ICO’s require minimum numbers of followers and minimum social media impact before the project will release any tokens. Prior to engaging in the social media production, bounty ICO programs will require registration and providing the links for the social media posts after production.

ICO Bounty Programs You Can Join

ICO bounty programs that you might consider joining include CyberTrust, DAV Network,
SyncFab, Pumapay, Keen, Luckchemy, or UberPro. There are many other ICO bounty programs that you can choose from, but these are just examples of active ones that have social media, signature, content and translation rewards available.

Cryptocurrency Promotion Bounty

A cryptocurrency promotion bounty might be offered by the project team post ICO. There may be a need for translations of documents, or testing the security of the cryptocurrency network, or naming child chains, or more typically, promoting the cryptocurrency project. These types of cryptocurrency promotion bounties may be more valuable than ICO bounties simply because the cryptocurrency has already gone through the stage of being assigned a value in the open market.

When a person promotes a cryptocurrency for a promotion bounty, there is a known compensation in national currency or fiat currency terms because this is post ICO.
Consequently, working for cryptocurrency promotion bounties may result in higher payouts than promoting an ICO with an unknown eventual payout.

Bounty Program for ICOs

Bounty programs for ICO’s are great money making opportunities for anybody with some social media exposure or who is willing to work hard to meet the ICO bounty campaign requirements. ICO bounties are an other example of the many ways cryptocurrencies and ICOs are adding to economic possibilities.

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