IEO Incubator Program

Many of the investors IBC Group has worked with that made great returns in the early days of the ICO hype have asked get involved in current IEO hype (similar to ICOs but with significant improvements). Are you interested to fund QUALITY projects that want to launch an IEO to raise $3-4m? Either through debt, equity or tokens, and you receive a return within a month.

Find out more about the IEO Incubator Program with this video where IBC’s CEO – Mario Nawfal explains how the program woks:


SushiChain is an original proof of work blockchain platform that focuses on building decentralised applications. SushiChain aims to provide an alternate solution to building dApps using off chain logic and Smart Assets rather than smart contracts. The platform features the Argon2d CPU only mining algorithm, human readable addresses, built in two factor authentication and a developer portal and dApp store.


Zenoshi is building a consumer-based reward program on the blockchain so rewards are immutable, transferrable and cashable. Zenoshi’s singular focus is to disrupt a loyalty reward industry that is broken and has seen little change in over 3 decades. The secret sauce of the Zenoshi system will be the massive amounts of data we will collect as we monetize receipts that our members will take pictures of and get rewards.


Ellcrys lets people, anywhere in the world to co-create and co-own software products and services without relying on a central authority. We are building a blockchain protocol that allows open source collaborators to share source code, govern themselves and operate services without the risk of censorship. Open source collaborators can finally create apps (web, desktop, mobile, DAO) together, acquire users, capture and share value from anywhere.

Engage Gametech

The Engage platform will monetize the way gamers experience time spent in-game as well as all their virtual assets on all platforms. Whether its a desktop gaming pc or mobile device, The Engage platform is designed to completely liquidate all virtual assets into real-world currencies. With multiple real-world gaming problems, Engage has a solution for each one. Engage is going to partner with leading gaming pro teams and amateur division teams to grow the platform into a haven for gamers and traders alike. Engage is built for gamers by gamers. Our team consists of advanced technological developers and gamers that know exactly what gamers want and how to fill their needs.


URTravel is disrupting the travel industry by bringing blockchain technology and AI to an industry that is ready for new technology. We developed a simple platform that will change the way travel providers get booked and travelers earn rewards while they travel.


SynergyCrowds creates a blockchain-based platform to produce decentralized knowledge and decision support for successfully using cryptocurrencies. We have proven record in academics and business in AI, Data Science, Data Analytics, HPC.



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