Crypto & Bitcoin OTC Service

We seek team members to join our Crypto & Bitcoin OTC service.

Due to high demand from Ultra-High Net-Worth individuals & funds within our network as well as through referrals, we are launching a bitcoin/cryptocurrency Over-the-counter service allowing secure and swift transactions off the exchanges.

The service will encompass over 40 countries

If you believe you can add value to this new business, please apply to the job and let us know how we can work together and what value you can offer

Please answer the following questions when submitting your CV and Skype ID:

Do you have a strong network in the banking and finance field?
Why should we hire you?


[email protected]


[email protected]

Please do not hesitate to send us a message.
We are online 24×7!

Australian Partner Office

Unit 1/ 24 London Drive,
Bayswater VIC 3153
+61 3 8609 2210

US – North America Office

1679 S Dupont HWY STE 100, Dover,
DE 19901-5164.
+1 844 470 5530

Dubai – Middle East Partner Office

Al jazeera al hamra
RAK, RAK 31291
+971 8000 1852 96

United Kingdom

30-34 New Bridge Street,
London, EC4V 6BJ
+44 20 3318 9700

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