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PPC Advertiser for Yandex

We seek an experienced “PPC advertiser for Yandex” to advertise for our clients in Russia. We need a freelancer or an platform who has experience with creating ad accounts and setting up ads for Yandex in Russia. Below are the qualifications needed, please DO NOT apply if you don’t have the below skills and experience.

-1-3 years of relevant experience.
-Experience with creating advertising accounts on Yandex
-Experience with campaign creation on the Yandex ad account.
-Experience with creating compelling ads on Yandex
-Experience with finding the right keywords in Russian to target ads to.
-Experience with setting conversion tracking up in Yandex.
-Experience with adding negative keywords (campaign and ad group level).
-Experience with big budgets and working with CPA’s & ROI/ROAS KPI’s.
-Experience with advertising on the Yandex Display network
-Experience with using retargeting for search or display
-Experience with Google Analytics and tracking campaigns in Analytics.
-Providing weekly and monthly reports on managed accounts (more details on data for reports will be given)
-Outstanding English writing skills.
-Fluent English & Russian speaking.
-Experience of advertising on VK and or Odnoklassniki (is plus)
-Experience with Google Tag Manager, Asana and or, Jira.
-Additional experience, experience in the cryptocurrency world.

Please answer the following questions when submitting your CV and Skype ID:

Give us a brief of your advertising experience on Yandex?
Please explain us your background where you grew up and how you developed your language skills?
Do you have experience with any other advertising platforms?
Why should we hire you?


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[email protected]

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