Technical Project Manager

Are you ready to take your career to the next level and help lead a cutting-edge company into a bright future? We are actively seeking a talented and experienced technical project manager to oversee a wide variety of projects from conceptual design through implementation, one who has the ability to understand cross protocol integrations and data evolution tables. Ability to write detailed SRS, SAD, ERD’s, HLD’s, LLD’s, UMLs. You will have the chance to network with clients, vendors, and in-house personnel as well as form a dream team of experts for each project to maximize resources and efficiency. We know how valuable your problem-solving and leadership skills are to our company’s success, and we offer an exceptional salary and benefits package commensurate with the responsibilities of the position. If you are ready to steer high-level projects to success, we are excited to have you on our team.

Job Responsibilities
Manage projects with top-down oversight throughout entire execution to ensure success as defined by adherence to standards of scope, budget, and timeline.Also able to budget, plan and execute complex Blockchain projects that involves network optimization, algorithm design and fundamental understanding of applied cryptography.
Develop comprehensive project plans that merge customer requirements with company goals and coordinate various managers and technical personnel during all project phases, from initial development through implementation.
Monitor project progress continuously and make detailed scheduled reports on measurable items, such as milestones and deliverables.
Communicate proactively with all involved personnel to provide encouragement, identify problems, create solutions, and implement efficiency improvements.
Analyze economics of project plans and provide actionable feedback relating to cost benefit and return-on-investment standards.
Review proposed modifications on project plans, including meeting with interested parties to approve and implement beneficial changes.
Oversee acquisition of resources and materials as needed before and during projects by talking with customers, team members, managers, and in-house accountants and negotiating price and payment agreements with vendors.
Anticipate details of future projects by communicating directly with customers and staying informed of relevant trends and industry news.
Job Skills & Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science or related field, or equivalent work experience
Extensive leadership experience and strong teaming abilities
Excellent problem-solving skills
Minimum three years management experience in the IT field, including development work and interactions with customers
Proficiency with at least one web development language, such as Ruby or Python
Proficiency in PM tools like Asana, Jira and TFS
Ability to make decisions to keep timelines and deliverables safe
Fluent English speaker with an ability to confidently interact with clients
Organized and have a “Go Getter” attitude.
Occasional availability on weekends
Ability to adjust time zones and work around the schedule with employees that are remote and located on all continents
Creating realistic timelines, expectations and positive work environment
Be a part of a the company culture and ensure that problems are solved before escalation
Ability to execute on commitments

Please provide have examples of previous documentation to show( a sample SRS and WBS you have produced).


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