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IBC’s vast investor network includes:

Traditional Venture Capital, Family Offices, Digital Currency Funds, Hedge Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Private Equity, Syndicate Angel Groups, Hedge Funds and Individual Investors from around the world.

Direct Relationship Introductions

 Through IBC’s extensive network we can provide clients direct introductions to contributors, active/passive advisors and services providers.

Private Event Introductions

Clients are introduced to Private Event coordinators with the opportunity to participate taking place globally.

Event mentoring & attendance

Refine your pitch, practise on the lower hanging fruit first, we organise and give priority access, feedback and coaching. IBC team members manage the booth on your behalf and help validate investor interest.

Memorandum Preparation Deck

Increasingly sophisticated blockchain investors require a refined approach, letting your financial model “tell the story with numbers” supported by a graphically engaging pitch deck.

ICO/STO and Private Placement Market Data Report

IBCs ICO/STO market data report provides ICO/STO or Private Placement firms seeking capital with actionable insights using custom indexes, market data, news, and alternative data, leveraging AI and NLP to help make smart decisions in a volatile markets

Our Private Placement team

works along with other client outreach efforts to guide components of the capital raise by securing face-to-face meetings with our global network of sophisticated investors for a successful Private Sale. Each project includes a review for pitch refinement and investor preparations activities as needed. Our network includes fiat and cryptocurrency investors along with institutional investors who like to hear about the latest trends in the burgeoning world of the blockchain. We exhibit our investment opportunities around the world to the qualified investor community through Asian, European and American roadshows specific to each style of investment.

Are you finding it difficult keeping up with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations surrounding ICO/STOs? Due to increasing regulatory attention, many companies are considering private placements for their ICO/STOs, as opposed to the more traditional crowd sale route. Let our experts connect you with accredited investors so you can successfully close private placements rounds for your ICO/STO.

IBC’s Private Placement support is a set of recommendations based on our wide ranging experience in the market. Our ever growing global network can be leveraged after the Private Placements as well as ICO/STOs along with IBCs proven road map. Our deep industry knowledge and relationships allow the access exclusive roadshows, discounted events and private networks.


include everything from business concept development through strategic advising to private and public fundraising. We are experienced regarding multi-national aspects of compliance. When a broker dealer license is required, we utilise our long term relationships to deliver those services in a seamless linkage to our core services.


of marketing, technology and capital raising services, it is part of our DNA to assist on content revision and marketing to present to our investor network. When blockchain and smart contract work is needed, we can tap into our deep bench of internal application developers to deliver proven, secure and efficient applications. Investors appreciate that after they have contributed to funding a project, we work with them to understand the value of their investment and how they can get the best ROI so they continue to invest.


is our aggressive investor outreach for raising capital. We have a professional team that conducts outreach to high net-worth individuals directly along with VCs, PEs,, and multi-family offices. We only work with sophisticated and accredited investors along with Regulation D guidelines.

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