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in partnership with NFT
Technologies, WeAreGrowthHackers
and North Equities

I. Content Machine

The aim of this machine is to build brand awareness and rank it on every single platform, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Reddit, Medium, Quora, Twitter, and Parler.

No time to read?
Watch this 44-second video for a brief preview of the content machine 😉

Method Statement:

  • Prepare Content:  Content can be provided by your side as Video, Audio or Written content.
  • Repurpose & Distribute: We will be editing, repurposing & distributing the content to be able to Ut every single platform natively so that the algorithm picks up traction super fast.
  • Growth Hacking: We will send our engagement pods and microworkers to help the content rank #1 on relevant keywords on all platforms so that google ranks you on SERP page 1

“We Build Brands out of People and Businesses”

Here is our work in action with our CEO and Ambassador, Mario Nawfal.

This is an example of the teaser video we did for the world’s First esports NFT:

III. Press Releases

Thanks to our PR services, here are a few of the famous platforms where our articles will make an appearance.

Option 1 Option 2
Yahoo Finance Yahoo Finance
Market Watch Associated Press
Associated Press AMB crypto
Coin Telegraph Be [in] crypto
Cryptonews Bitcoinist
AMB crypto NewsBTC
Be [in] crypto
Crypto Potato
Coin Gape
BTC manager
Crypto mode
Total: $18,760 USD Total: $7,420 USD

Please note that in both options, and in addition to the outlets mentioned, the publication will also be done on 200-300 lower-tier sites (among which 60 blockchain websites) and the news tips will be sent to 5000+ outlets


After studying your project in detail and understanding from you the overall language you’d like to maintain, we harness our team of cryptocurrency experts to promote your project across a host of channels, forums, and groups.

Per month we will post or comment a minimum of:

  • Telegram: 1500 messages
  • Reddit: 70+ Posts & 150+ Comments
  • Medium: 25+ Large Posts or 100 Smaller Posts & 250+ Comments
  • Steemit: 200+ Posts
  • Facebook: 200+ Posts & Comments
  • Twitter: 200+ Posts & Comments
  • Bitcoin Talk: 300-750 Posts
  • Quora: 400+ Posts

No Duplicate Messages
No ‘Simple’ Messages
We advocate for your project and discuss it to persuade the communities.
A fortnightly report is provided. Bitly links used where possible.

Client feedback:

V. Website optimization and SEO

The website is your modern storefront. We will make sure that the website is:

  • Easy to find.
  • Modern and attractive design.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Having all the right key information at the right place.

Website optimization and SEO will yield amazing results in brand exposure, inbound lead generation, and revenue growth.


Creatives and Ad text
We prepare scroll stopping and pattern interrupt ad creatives that will catch attention in the first second whenever any of our target audience land on the ads. We smoke test different copies until we find the best performing set and double down on it

This is where the magic happens with our Deep Linking technology. Whoever clicks on our links sent in the Outreach machine, will be retargeted by our ads on all platforms. This will increase conversion for a super low cost, in addition to the acquired Buzz and brand awareness.

VII. Crypto Influencers

Get promoted by our partners and biggest names on crypto social media.

1. Telegram:

2. Twitter:

3. YouTube:

4. Celebrities:


IBC has access and has the ability to leverage 1,200+ accredited and sophisticated investors.
We will make introductions to our private funding partners to potentially fund your project.
The aim will be to raise the needed funds for your project through the most feasible means available. We will communicate with you regularly facilitating any particular need with the funding partners.
(No screenshots can be shared here to respect the privacy of our investors)

IX. LinkedIn and Email Automation

The aim of this automation is to reach out to clients on your behalf  by targeting the relevant industries. We’ll take care of the copy, the technicalities & associated follow-up sequences whilst all you’ll have to do is simply hop on calls or push them in your funnel.

No time to read?
Watch this 42-second video for a brief preview of the LinkedIn Automation😉

How do we do it?
1. Set up the targeting
2. Create the copy
3. Optimize the accounts
4. Send daily messages




  • 24+ Virtual Deal Clubs and Virtual Conferences
  • VIP access to Deal Club Summits  (18+ annually, monthly in NY) at private social clubs: follow up / networking with investors and VIP members
  • Access to all Global and partner events.
  • 1 Virtual 10min pitch on a HNW platform at a live Virtual Deal Club (150 + Angels, VCs, Funds, Family Offices), recorded and archived in the system for later viewing by a global network of investors.
  • Deal listing on a HNW platform, including company profile, summary and pitch deck.
  • Investor AI Matching– our team analyzes your deal and matches you with 1,000 investors from our global network of over 100,000 Angels, VC’s, Funds, & Family Offices
  • Weekly marketing of your deal to our Global Investor Network.
  • 1 in-person 10min pitch on the HNW platform at a Deal Club Summit (150 + Angels, VCs, Funds, Family Offices), recorded and archived in the system for later viewing by our global network of investors.


The aim of this service is to boost your communities by creating a giveaway and promoting it to active and interested people relevant to the industry so they will join your existing groups (or create new groups if none exist) on Twitter and Telegram.
Here are some of the groups that we managed to grow for our CEO Mario Nawfal.

For crypto groups, depending on the case, we either use the simple giveaway model, or something a bit more complicated to develop, however very attractive to the user and the participation is so easy that it can be completed with a few simple actions using only their thumb. 

Here is our most recent campaign:

Here is the result: (organic leads in 1 week)

I. Reddit Growth Hacks

1. SubReddit Press Release Strategy
We will be creating a Press Release on one of the big news outlets or use an existing one that you already did.  We will post the link of that article in the biggest crypto subreddits creating FOMO and boosting the number of people buying packs.

2. Subreddit Promotion
Through some strategic partners, we will be able to connect with the moderators of the following subreddits to create a post about your project and packs


Project Terms & Timeline:
Our professional team of experts will be choosing the services and tweaking the KPIs based on the performance and status of the token at the given time.

The following services will require direct payment from your part:
1- Ad spend for the PPC campaigns
2- Platform subscription for the High Net Worth Individual Outreach
3- Reporter fees for major news outlets
4- Podcaster fees for local interviews
5- InVuencer fee for sponsorship
6- TV station interviews in China

The setup of the campaign will require around 10-15 days.
IBC’s fee will be in tokens in exchange for all the above marketing and growth hacking services. (this section will be updated when the number of tokens is discussed and agreed upon)


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