Community Growth – How It Works

We will design giveaways with a unique set of viral giveaways boosted by growth hacking strategies to rapidly spread the word and generate hype and grow the number of active, engaged, and real followers across Telegram, Twitter, and Discord.

Expected Outcomes

  • Rapid growth in group members across Telegram and Discord
  • Significant increase in community engagement
  • Rapid growth in follower count on Twitter
  • Lots of emails to use in future campaigns

Content Machine

Community Growth – How It Works

The aim of this machine is to build brand awareness and rank it on every single platform, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Reddit, Medium, Quora, Twitter, and Parler.

Method Statement:

  • Prepare Content: Content can be provided by your side as Video, Audio or written content
  • Repurpose and Distribute: We will be editing, repurposing & distributing the content to be able to fit every single platform natively so that the algorithm picks up traction super fast
  • Growth Hacking: We will send our engagement pods and microworkers to help the content rank $1 on relevant keywords on all platforms so that Google ranks you SERP page 1.

We Build Brands out of

People and Business

Press Release

How it works:

  • We write engaging press release articles that capture the attention of your audience at scale
  • We help you to get global PR across some of the most famous publications with the biggest reach and global awareness
  • We have two packages available for PR, one which is focused on crypto publications and another large-scale package that focuses on larger publications targeting a wider audience.

Expect Results:

  • Heavily increased brand awareness.
  • Increased website traffic.
  • Elevated brand status and perception by way of association with globally renowned brands.

Project & Token Advisory


We work closely with the project team to ensure that token utility and standards are implemented and working properly in accordance with the economic model of the token.


We analyze the niche, protocol, and competition and then make adjustments to the token structure so that your project is more appealing than your competitors.


The economic model of the project will be de-compartmentalized and run a simulation of token distribution and allocation while factoring in buying and selling pressure for the protocol while using a new token engineering methodology.

Mario Nawfal

Serial founder since 2012 with business in over 30 countries. Partner at International Blockchain Legal. Serial investor and international speaker. Mario stepped down as CEO of IBC in 2020 to lead as the CEO and Co-Founder of

Jason Fernandes

Jason Fernandes is an entrepreneur, speaker, and blockchain industry figure. Fernandes founded FinTech media outlet TokenJay.TV, internet portal and co-invented the world’s first Internet-based DVR, RecordTV.

Martin Panchev

A crypto connoisseur and investor since 2017, a crypto analyst by heart, and a firm believer of the disruptive technology of blockchain and the changes that are bound to happen to the current financial status quo.

Tony Wu

Tony is an exploratory example of the next generation in the blockchain space – being the only Generation Z member of the IBC team. A young entrepreneur and investor, Tony distinguishes himself with his personable personality, unique and instinctual understanding of strategy, and mastery in game theory.

Marketing & Community Growth

Koen Schilder

Koen spent most of his career dedicated to startup growth in the financial markets. In the last 2 years before joining IBC Group, he co-founded a tech company to help VC Funds scale their investment portfolio aggressively.

Frank Heijdenrijk

Frank is leading the marketing and delivery team at IBC, ensuring that all client projects are promoted to full effectiveness and success. Having worked in the marketing space for 10 years, Frank has used hundreds of marketing strategies focused on driving brand awareness, conversions, and viral effects thanks to a mixture of technology and human psychology.

Expected Results

  • Clarity on how to proceed
  • A clear roadmap

Reddit Growth Hacking

How It Works

We use tried and tested growth hacking techniques that we have been developed over the course of 5 years of R&D.

Our approach involves creating press releases that we then post in the biggest subreddits to create FOMO and boost the number of people buying packs. We use organic engagement from real accounts to get your posts ranked and drive organic exposure. We have the ability to place your project in niche-specific Subreddits to ensure that the targeted audience is highly relevant and interested in your project.

Expect Results:

  • Promoted across over 20 subreddits
  • Regularly ranking within the trending posts on big subreddits

KOL Marketing

How It Works

We have a vast network of crypto influencers to put your content in front of highly engaged audiences. With KOL’s across Twitter, Telegram and Youtube we help you to gain organic exposure across channels.

Our network of KOL’s are willing to engage with a mixture of paid promotion and allocation and we have influencers to match all budgets.

For large projects, we also work in conjunction with KOL VC’s.

A link to our full KOL airtable is available upon request.


We have a strong network with access to the top crypto news channels. No shill channels.
Here’s some of the channels that we work with:


We have top Twitter infl uencers including the below:


We have the top value Youtube influencers including the below. A link to our full KOL airtable is available on request:

How It Works

  • Significant organic exposure for your project
  • Positive word of mouth
  • Increased market perception
  • Community growth

Billboard Power Weekend

How It Works

We use our unique network to unlock access to highly prominent billboards in major cities across the globe including Dubai, London, and NYC.

Expected Results

  • Significant brand exposure and increased word of mouth.
  • Significant jump in status and perception of your project.
  • Hype within the retail and investor community.

Display Ads

How It Works

Our team of crypto specialized display ads experts craft highly targeted campaigns focusing on creating maximum awareness for your campaigns and getting key conversion rates as capital efficiently as possible.

We prepare scroll stopping and pattern interrupt ad creatives that will catch attention in the first second whenever any of our target audience and on the ads. We smoke test different copies until we fi nd the best performing set and double down on it.

We provide in-depth reporting giving you full visibility of the performance of your campaigns.

Expected Results

  • Run visibility on campaign performance.
  • Significant increases in brand awareness.
  • Capital efficient conversion events.

Twitter Verification

Twitter is the virtual front door to every crypto project on the planet. And for individuals and businesses alike, there’s nothing more coveted than Twitter’s blue checkmark.

We guarantee to get your project verified, in 30 days or less, giving it instant credibility and authority with a clearly defined status symbol. We will accomplish this by developing your online presence to the point that necessitates Twitter verification. You’ll get the blue checkmark on your profile page, next to all of your tweets, and in search results, helping you stand out from the crowd, prevent impersonation, increase engagement, and increase your following. We will show to the world that your brand is a matter of public interest.

Your project will also get access to Twitter Analytics, separate notfi cations and messaging filters for only verified accounts, and higher visibility when communicating with other influential accounts.