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We are the industry’s leading Private Placement service provider.
This includes Investor Introductions, Roadshows, Investor Dinners and Events.

Packages Starting at $10,000. 

End to End ICO/IEO/STO Support

Evolving legal regulations and technical pitfalls makes ICO/IEO/STOs a challenging path for most, however this does not have to be the case. Our industry-leading experts become your partner throughout the process of turning your idea into a profitable business.

Blockchain Technology Experts

  • Platform agnostic approach to ensure the chosen protocol suits your use case
  • Tailored contract administration, management and reconciliation applications
  • State of the art KYC/AML compliance and management systems with 2FA and geo fencing parameters
  • In-house blockchain research and development team with extensive research and knowledge in blockchain interoperability and projects in over 14 different protocols
  • Book building and book running services

Customized Marketing Strategy

  • Tailored brand design and website development by internal marketing experts
  • Comprehensive social media marketing platform
  • Customized info and graphic design pack
  • Brand-specific articles in leading crypto and news outlets
  • Tracker exposure through Reddit, Slack, Bitcointalk, and Steemit
  • International Bounty program

End to End Legal Protection

  • Legal management on location-specific token concepts includ-ing KYC, AML, and securities compliance
  • White Paper draft, analysis, and finalization
  • Comprehensive legal documentation package including Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Token Purchase Agreement
  • Experienced ICO/IEO/STO attorneys providing continuous consultation
  • Post-ICO/IEO/STO token management solutions and compliance protection

Enterprise Blockchain

We determine how the technology can improve your business operations, develop an implementation strategy and build custom solutions to integrate with your systems.

Blockchain For Your Business

You’ve heard the buzz about blockchain technology. Some say it will revolutionize the digital world, much like the internet did in the 1990s. You’re wondering what blockchain can do for your business, if anything.
We can help you determine the right blockchain solution for your company. Our team of experts specializes in Smart Business Contracts, Customer Loyalty & Rewards Systems, Blockchain Data Storage Solutions, Distributed Ledgers for Financial Transparency, and numerous other applications.

Enterprise-Level Applications

Our experienced team is here to help you develop applications built on the blockchain technology to improve, or even revolutionize the way you do business. While blockchain can seem complex, we can simplify the technology and how it can benefit your business.

Tailored Blockchain Solutions For You

Our goal is to improve your business with unique blockchain applications, whether in finance, real estate, supply chain, or database management. We will seamlessly integrate blockchain technology into your existing platforms without disrupting your existing operations. Benefits include reduced costs, improved efficiency and the elimination of systematic errors and fraud.

Consulting and Training

Everyday you make critical decisions for your company. Our deep knowledge and extensive experience of blockchain technology can help. Our consultation services provide essential knowledge for shaping your blockchain strategy, and our training platforms build real-world technical ability into your team.

Knowledge-based Consulting

Knowledge is power. We empower our clients to take the next step in blockchain implementation with custom consultation services. Our goal is to put our industry-leading knowledge to work for your company by shaping a specialized blockchain strategy, compelling use cases, and a robust community engagement platform.

Team-specific Training

Blockchain developers are difficult to find and costly to hire. Our team of experienced blockchain professionals can train your existing staff, no matter their background, transforming them into blockchain experts. We offer training on all major chains and side chains and have extensive experience in smart contracts, decentralized applications, blockchain solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) and more. Rather than hire fresh outside engineers who don’t understand your market space, we can develop your current team into blockchain experts, saving you time and money.

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