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ICO Investment

In-house financial leadership for selecting the right places to invest

The future is in cryptocurrency, but which one? Becoming an ICO investor can be a substantial risk but also provides the potential for significant rewards. IBC reviews and researches a wide range of ICO projects to determine investment opportunities as well as identify new risks in ICO trends.

Safely Invest in ICOs

“The ICO has taken a number of forms. Some of them are legitimate, and some of them are mis-constructed. It’s very much a caveat emptor space.” — Global Advisors fund manager and former JP Morgan trader Daniel Masters.

IBC relies on industry and financial experts to determine market opportunities and project the potential for today’s leading and unknown altcoins. Like other investments, no cryptocurrency is 100% guaranteed, but we can assist you determining risk and making it simple for you to become an ICO investor.

ICO Investor Due Diligence Support

Every investment requires due diligence, but what does that mean in the ICO space? We’ve built a platform for review and information gathering to present you with the most up-to-date information we have, allowing you to know more when you choose to invest in ICOs.

We ask the right questions about initial ICOs, look for pre-ICO benefits, and can discuss the future of programs with you. Everything starts with an understanding of each coin’s purpose and potential market.

Understanding Intrinsic Value and Risk

Not all ICOs are created equal. Consider the business model behind the token and if it represents something new or is merely a novel way to fund an existing operation. Tokens with intrinsic value and utility are less common but may provide you with a smarter investment vehicle. Look at purpose when choosing to purchase.

IBC’s experts are also here to help you stay secure in each purchase and investment. We recommend always using ETH and other cryptocurrencies from your wallet to invest. Sending money directly to an ICO from an exchange can put you at greater risk for economic loss or fraud.

Terms and Conditions Explained

The rise in popularity of ICOs has led to many unscrupulous ventures and organizations creating coins designed to defraud or harm initial investors. Our ICO investor services review every potential vehicle in an attempt to limit your exposure to risk.

IBC always starts with the terms and conditions of an ICO, looking for industry standards and best-practices. We flag anything that doesn’t look right, from ICOs that don’t require registration to those that are phishing for personal documents.

Plus, we’ll make the ICO timing clear so you’re not sending ETH to a company before or after the ICO dates – which could mean you lose that ether or aren’t getting the ICO-discounted rates.

Multi-Sig Wallet Participation

Being a smart ICO investor requires using the best, safest tools at your disposal. IBC not only recommends the use of multi-sig wallets, but we also help companies create their own. We believe the use of two-factor authentication is one of the safest ways you can protect your investment and ensure you keep access to funds and coins while minimizing potential fraud or theft.

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