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ICO/STO Litigation Services

Sometimes litigation is just flat-out unavoidable. When the lawsuits start to fly, you will need the most experienced attorneys by your side who understand the law and the intricacies of the cryptocurrency space. At IBC Legal Group, our cryptocurrency and ICO/STO attorneys know that the development of new technologies and ideas need protection. Our goal is to protect your ICO/STO from needless legal battles during all stages of your cryptocurrency offering. The last thing you need is a lawsuit preventing you from moving forward.

At IBC Legal Group, we take pride in helping companies like yours with the critical legal guidance to help guide ICO/STOs to success. We provide ICO legal advice based on our industry-leading understanding of cryptocurrency regulations and our commitment to nurturing your offering every step of the way. Because we treat each client as a unique opportunity for excellence, we tailor our legal advice towards your specific goals and needs. Regardless of your company’s needs, now or in the future, the professional team at the IBC Legal Group stands ready to work by your side.

Global Legal Insight to Tackle Global ICO/STO Challenges

The scope of the legal advice by our ICO/STO attorneys spans projects around the world. From assisting and advising executive boards and corporate executives on the legal implications associated with different aspects of cryptocurrencies to litigation support, there is no task we can’t handle. With our expertise on cryptocurrency regulations and ICO/STOs, IBC Legal Group is ideally positioned to help our clients formulate and execute strategies related to legal and compliance concerns.

We can assist your company on essential aspects of your ICO/STO such as verifying potential investors, structuring public offerings and token sales, registering with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and due diligence with state and federal legal compliance. Our intimate understanding and knowledge of the cryptocurrency community give IBC Legal Group the competitive edge necessary to advise your company in terms of cryptocurrency regulations and ICO/STO offerings.

By Your Side Every Step of the Way

If and when your company faces litigation challenges, we will be there to help you make the best possible decisions to protect your ICO/STO while also keeping mindful of your bottom line. When should you settle? When should you aggressively litigate? These are difficult questions whose answers lie in a detailed factual analysis by experienced litigators. What made sense yesterday may not make sense today, and what makes sense today may not make sense tomorrow.

Our lawyers are equipped to handle every step of the litigation process, from drafting pleadings, conducting discovery, defending dilatory opposition filings, mediation services, settlement negotiations, and actual courtroom litigation. From the boardroom to the courtroom, you will have the best and the brightest cryptocurrency legal minds at your disposal.

IBC Legal Services = the Right Team for Any Job

Every ICO/STO has lawyers, but how many have the right lawyers by their side? Plenty of law firms claim to be “cryptocurrency legal experts” despite the lack of any legitimate credentials or experience in the cryptocurrency market. Every one of our lawyers is licensed, meticulously trained, and highly knowledgeable about cryptocurrency regulations and ICO/STO operations. IBC Legal Group offers legitimate cryptocurrency legal experts; our attorneys are licensed in the United States and focus solely on giving legal advice to cryptocurrency projects, funds, and ICO/STO offerings. We can provide not only the sound legal information you need but a long-term partnership with a reputable law firm to help you instill confidence and credibility to your project. Contact IBC Legal Group today to take the first step on the road to prosperity.

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