So what do you do
after you launch your ICO?

While your focus will be on delivering the product or service your developing, running your ICO, expanding your team, and making sure there is a return to investors, it helps to look down the line. What will your ICO look like 5 years down the road? Ten?
Do you want to expand it? Launch a new one?

IBC can use our unique positioning and expertise between the world of ICOs and traditional business to assist in providing acquisition & merger advisory services with larger companies or funds that may be interested in helping you further develop your ICO. More and more companies and funds are starting to look into investing in projects on the blockchain, often because they see the potential of it, but don’t understand it’s inner workings well. ICOs and blockchain based companies are some of the few entities that are able to function and thrive in this shifting environment that has caught traditional business off guard.

IBC has worked with numerous ICOs and helped them develop from inception to launch, and we can help yours take the next step. Mergers and acquisitions require extensive legal work, understanding of the long term missions on both sides, and a host of other areas that, while useful for the long term health of your ICO, can detract from your focus on it in the short term. This is where IBC can step in and help.

With our international team of lawyers, experts, and analysts, we are uniquely situated to address your needs and concerns, whenever and wherever you may be considering a merger or acquisition. Set up a call to discuss your situation in further detail here.


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