The crypto space is unlike any other, and that includes its community. We’ve got our own slang, tservices, websites, and hidden signals to show like-minded investors and users that a service is viable. That’s the core market and capabilities of your IBC Group Community Management Team.

We’ve got the technical expertise to understand your ICO/IEO/STO and its unique business plan, paired with the social engineering capabilities to give you support to reach the right people and investors for your project.

Whether you’ve got a small niche that needs careful hand-holding to get into crypto or you’re taking on the biggest blockchains and must make a splash, our Community Management services are here to help. Plus, IBC offers a full suite of ICO/IEO/STO development and management services to help you out with the blockchain creation, governance, deployment, and marketing you need for a viable launch.

What Is Community Management?

Active community engagement is an essential part of any crowdfunding campaign. Message boards, social media channels, Telegram, and other mediums require a constant presence to answer questions and build the trust of the community. Community Management is the service of creating social content, monitoring your channels, answering questions, promoting your ICO/IEO/STO, and engaging with people so that they are excited about your offering, no matter where they hear about it.

IBC will provide you with a dedicated resource to optimize your presence on these and other platforms to ensure full engagement with the investment community. Our efforts are specifically designed to address common language and location barriers. We know that every person who contacts your project is a potential investor, so we prioritize interactions and responses to questions.

Get Your Free Community Review

Use our contact page to tell us a little more about your ICO/IEO/STO, and we’ll review your Twitter, Telegram, and other channels at no cost or risk. Our reviews can identify potential gaps or problematic language, plus help determine a path to address it.

Speak with us to learn more about community best practices, why you should avoid Slack, and if a bounty program or airdrop is right for you.

Why IBC Community Management

ICO/IEO/STO projects grow and find success when they create buzz, engage users, and create excitement that people want to share. Marketing is part of the approach but needs an active community to engage with and to provide support when a new interested investor or user finds you.
The “crowd” is the most important part of your crowdfunding success story.

The investors you want in your project are ones willing and able to put a significant investment behind their interest. These investors and advocates do their homework. Community Management services provide these potential partners with a clear picture of your company’s health, making it easier for investors to do their due diligence and finish satisfied.

Today, investors want to see more than just a blog and white paper. They want a community presence on leading services such as Telegram, Bitcointalk, Reddit, Twitter, and more. Your marketing and community team needs to be providing answers to common questions, keeping social interest, and spreading the word across a variety of media channels.

IBC Group addresses these concerns for you with a complete Community Management package that can help you leverage existing excitement, build new interest, and maintain discussions that promote your ICO/IEO/STO, grow the value of your tokens, and consistently engage with new opportunities.

Everywhere You Are,
Anytime They Ask

The IBC Group has enormous experience building and managing communities all around the globe. We generate high-value interest and engagement as part of our overall ICO/IEO/STO service packages and blockchain development tools. Investors are no longer located only in your backyard. As investors ourselves, we know that no single location has a monopoly on innovative ideas. So, your community team needs to be able to respond to interest in right language and time zone.

IBC Group is your expert partner to respond right and keep you in the best light. Our offices in Australia, Shanghai, Slovenia, the U.S., Dubai, and London ensure we have complete coverage to speak to your investors with a tone and style designed to build rapport with their specific style.

Presence in over 30 countries

Supporting start-ups, existing companies and institutions executing long term blockchain strategies.

Our Community Management Team

When you’re ready for 24/7 support designed to continually promote your community, send updates through your social channels, answer user questions, and generate interest from potential investors, then you’re ready for IBC Group Community Management.

Ready to Grow with Complete Community Management?

Use the form below to contact us now and let us know about your ICO/IEO/STO. An IBC Community Management Expert will reach out to you shortly to discuss your project and how our community services can benefit your growth, no matter what stage you’re in or where your
crypto project operates.


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