End-to-End IEO Crypto Services & Solutions

IBC provides turnkey IEO services & solutions that allow your project entry into multiple top tier exchanges at a low cost with a unique 4-step ladder approach that has raised millions for all projects we have launched so far.

We’ve linked 15+ IEOs with exchanges worldwide and have connected 100+ Blockchain projects with crypto-focused funds along with traditional funds. We’ve achieved this by developing & leveraging connections in South East Asia and developing service lines focused on Meetups, Private Roadshows & Initial Exchange Offerings.

Having developed a 4-Step Approach towards launching an IEO we allow quality projects to launch an IEO cheaply with a very high likelihood to meet the funding goal.

How Does An IEO Differ From An ICO:

An Initial Coin Offering is, the Crypto equivalent of the well-known Initial Public Offering. Acting as a fundraising mechanism, it allows projects to raise money via the Tokenization of their project, this is done by granting the token a utilitarian value within the business’ value proposition. An example, for instance, could be Project X: now Project X is a Global E-commerce Project looking to raise 20 million USD in funding. The founders sit down and decide that they are against the traditional route  of granting equity to Venture Capitalists and instead decide that they want to launch their project via the untraditional Initial Coin Offering Path. They then develop a  tokenomic model, stating that customers must transact on their upcoming E-Commerce Platform via the ingenious X Coin. This newly formed “X Coin” can now not only be used to transact within the platform but can also be used to purchase other Cryptocurrencies on readily available exchanges that agree to list X Coin after it’s offering. This means that the value of X Coin is directly tied to the value of Project X and will therefore be available for speculative trading. Now the whole catch of the ICO is that participants will be able to purchase the X Coin at a higher discounted price as opposed to buying directly from an exchange in the future, when the project is listed, if listed…

Why an IEO serves as a better alternative to the ICO:

Within an IEO, a cryptocurrency exchange serves as the counterparty that helps facilitate the fundraising process. It allows the project to utilize the existing community & traction within the exchange itself. The IEO team must mint their tokens and send them directly to the exchange of their choice. This allows coins to raise amounts faster and in a much more efficient manner. Investors, too, are more likely to participate as they know that the coin will be given immediate liquidity, and as we know, liquidity is the holy grail of any investment.
For investors, an IEO is easy to participate in as they don’t need to manage on-chain transactions with different wallets on different blockchains. Instead, an investor only needs an account on an exchange and can participate completely through an exchange’s interface. Additionally, the exchange is staking its reputation behind the projects on its platform, offering a higher degree of trust behind the project.
For a project looking to raise funds, an IEO offers the promise of an immediate userbase that can see their product, and depending on the size of the exchange’s audience, could mean that the project can eliminate their marketing funnels, allowing them to focus only on the development of their product.

Step 1:Pre-IEO

Timeline: 2 Weeks

This step entails localizing your content to suit the target market, then proceeding with some PR & Community building to set your project up for IEO 1.0. We localize the whole package of the project material to fit the taste of each targeted South East Asian region. We then, initiate multiple region coverage with targeted local media and large-scale community engagement covering: Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines & Cambodia.

Step 2: IEO 1.0

Timeline 2-4 Weeks

The second phase entails continuing with PR as we establish your project in key South East Asian Regions. At this point we connect your project with a minimum of 2 exchanges for the IEO, 1 in each country respectively. We then manage your project’s community throughout the IEO.

Our IEO Partners include but are not limited to:

Step 3: IEO2.0|ICO|Private Roadshow

Timeline:6-9 Weeks

By utilizing the momentum developed for your project in Step 1 & 2, we are able to secure further exchange offering deals with exchanges that hold more trading volume & raise potential. At this point we also bring our ICO Key Opinion Leaders aboard your project so that they cover both online & offline channels to promote the offering. Private Roadshows play a fundamental role in this Step as they allow your token to be presented to our Institutional Token Fund Partners, that will assist in preparation for Step 4.

Step 4: Listing & Market Making

Timeline: Varies Per Project

Step 4 is the final frontier of the IEO Ladder Approach and entails getting your token listed on 1st Tier Exchanges listed within CMC Top 20, at the most affordable & advantageous terms. A key component of this step is that we maintain the Market Making for you so that the Tokenomics remain within your project’s control. We continue with extended PR & Community Management and begin outlining the final plans necessary for your project’s development work.

Why IBC:

IBC is the first large agency to work with exchanges on getting projects successfully listed on their desired IEO platform. This is specifically because of 3 reasons:

  1. We have built very close relationships with all exchanges, with team members becoming personal friends with the owners and managers.
  2. Our reputation withstood the test of time. We have ALWAYS been above board and done the right thing. I have been in business for a long time, launched many companies and I understand the value of doing the right thing.
  3. Exchanges want to launch projects that build a good product to sustain their token price for their users, and when IBC backs a project, this gives the exchange reassurance that the project is in good hands. We will work with a project after the IEO to ensure a successful product launch.


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