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Our operational and technical teams have helped various businesses and Governments define and implement practical enterprise blockchain solutions

Enterprise Blockchain Solution:

Blockchain As A Service (BaaS)

Application Development
with a Platform Agnostic Approach

Enterprise Blockchain Consulting and Evaluation

Before you invest in blockchain technology, our team can help you determine the right enterprise blockchain strategy for your business. As enterprise blockchain company, IBC focuses on providing scalable and sector-specific blockchain applications that directly support our clients, working together to build better solutions from the ground up.

Industry-specific Application Creation

Our expertise is at your disposal as you develop blockchain applications to improve the efficiency in the way you do business. While blockchain can seem complex, we simplify the technology and clearly articulate how it can support your business.

Comprehensive Technical Ability

We help you determine the right enterprise blockchain solution for your company. Our team of experts specialize in Smart Business Contracts, Customer Loyalty & Rewards Systems, Blockchain Data Storage Solutions, Distributed Ledgers for Financial Transparency, and other focused applications.

Customized Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Our goal is to improve your business with enterprise blockchain solution specializing in finance, real estate, supply chain, and database management. We seamlessly integrate blockchain technology into your existing platforms without disrupting your existing operations. Benefits include reduced costs, improved efficiency and the elimination of systematic errors and fraud.

Developer Training

Talented and experienced blockchain developers are in very high demand but extremely short supply. Our team of experienced blockchain professionals will train your existing staff to develop a practical understanding of blockchain technology and its core function in your business.

Executive Training

Our blockchain experts also provide advanced level training for employees eager to get past the blockchain’s steep learning curve. Our executive training covers enterprise blockchain, major and side chains and non-disruptive deployment techniques.

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    Industries that can benefit from Blockchain

    Health care Industry

    Application: Digital identity
    Benefits: Increased security, increased efficiency, improved institutional interoperability. Records management, currently some companies are developing multisig records, template based patient diagnosis logs that can work flawlessly with existing protocols like HL 7 or SNOMED CT.


    Application: Blockchain powered wallets
    Benefits: Decentralized exchanges, Reducing service desk costs as blockchain provisions more transparency, immutability and multi sig contracts for businesses to release and escrow funds.

    Supply Chain

    Application: Transactions on immutable ledger
    Benefits: Negates double spending, reducing carbon footprint by optimizing LTL markets, reducing insane commissions from freight brokers, efficient asset tracking.

    Real Estate

    Application: Assets and property management
    Benefits: digitizing of assets, reducing human error in records, creating a competitive home loan and insurance marketplace that can easily and more accurately alleviate risk mitigation measures.


    Application: IoT integrated risk management
    Benefits: Data driven decision making and machine learning models that help quantify risk and can easily scale to incentivize policy holders. Paper free on boarding process and if interoperable with identity management frameworks and


    Application: A decentralized energy data exchange platform
    Benefits: Hosting a range of applications to facilitate energy data analysis and benchmarking, smart grid management, trade of green certificates, investment decisions and energy trade validation.


    Application: Customized smart contracts with subcontractors
    Benefits: Superior Erp and HR management platforms, decentralized biometric identity and streamlined project management applications that significantly reduce employee turnover.


    Application: Farm to table transparency through supply chain
    Benefits: Can help create nutrition labels and product origin logs. Ability to create smaller co op operations that can directly work with retailers and consumers. Can also help create subsidized agricultural operations and small business loans that are administered over a blockchain with a triple bottom line conscience for the lenders. Can also provide certifications of purity/organic/non organic/GMO practices etc.


    Application: A trustless voting system through DAO and smart contracts
    Benefits: The international dialogue of bringing transparency in electoral process and campaign fund management. SEC compliance contracts that can help political campaigns stay compliant. Whether it’s a board in a company voting on a decision or an entire network coming to autonomous decision about a path forward. Self governance, and democratic elections can theoretically happen on high level identity management framework.

    Atomic Swap Services

    The world of blockchain is a vast ecosystem where thousands of cryptocurrencies seemingly compete with one another. In today’s market, this has presented itself as bitcoin versus altcoins. The introduction of atomic swaps, which advance interoperability between bitcoin and its altcoin competitors, can radically transform the cryptocurrency market. IBC’s technical team offers atomic swap enterprise blockchain solutions to help IDOs/STOs facilitate instant trades between cryptocurrencies. This includes helping your IDOs/STOs/ develop transactions that are not influenced by third parties. These specifications will be outlined in your tailor-made blockchain solutions.

    Enterprise Blockchain Advisory Services

    Through our advisory network, IBC helps companies optimize their IDO campaigns. This includes designing the pre-sale investment strategy, ensuring adequate liquidity when listed and maximizing investor exposure during the public launch. We will guide you through the crowd-raise by auditing your documents and providing you direct access to our vast investor network. Your crowd-raise will also have direct access to global technical team, where we provide technical guidance on your token.

    IBC Group is committed to making enterprise blockchain solutions integration as simple as possible. Blockchain technology is making inroads into nearly every business application. While much of the hype comes from start ups, the growing technology is also suitable for enterprise blockchain applications. While the blockchain benefits for enterprise companies may seem vast, IBC Group serves your company by conducting a blockchain evaluation to determine the best enterprise blockchain solution for your company.

    IBC helps you move toward enterprise blockchain adoption

    The process of enterprise blockchain adoption can be complex. At IBC Group we specialize in helping companies achieve enterprise blockchain adoption with the simplest possible trajectory. We can model and help to craft an enterprise blockchain platform as well as help your company produce an enterprise blockchain software system that will both serve your various needs and create a viable blockchain solution for your company.

    IBC can help you get the most enterprise blockchain benefits

    Whether you’re seeking to use blockchain for enterprise architecture or pursuing solutions for blockchain enterprise companies, IBC can help. We can provide direction and guidance, as well as help your staff and customers see the numerous blockchain enterprise benefits. As the scope of blockchain technology expands, enterprise blockchain solutions will continue to gain traction, and IBC Group is prepared to help your company integrate the various enterprise blockchain applications smoothly and without business disruption.

    “Every company in the world today is at risk of having competition from a blockchain version of itself”
    Richie Etwaru at TED (2017)

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