We help businesses leverage the power of established cryptocurrencies. Our experts enable you to fork Bitcoin, Ethereum & other digital currencies.

We create custom forks of popular cryptocurrencies with technical consulting, legal advisory & operational guidance for businesses

Empowering enterprises by building tailor-made platforms and tokens atop popular digital currencies

IBC handles all technical and development aspects so businesses can focus on their end goals and target token uses

Fork Services for Businesses

Forks of well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and others are rapidly gaining popularity as viable means to raise capital for enterprises and individuals. A fork being an offshoot of the main blockchain of an established cryptocurrency results in the creation of a new coin altogether, tailor-made to suit the requirements of the forking platform.

IBC helps your organization benefit from our proven expertise in forking services that are gaining immense popularity in the crypto arena.

Benefits of Forks

Forks allow businesses and individuals to capitalize on the large user bases of the already well-known cryptocurrencies. Organizations can release new features to their audience or build their own decentralized platforms and raise capital for their company.


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Forks basically encash the prevailing popularity of the established currencies in the market and the inherent trust of the users, which leads to their quick adoption.


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In the expansive blockchain ecosystem where new currencies emerge every day, forks help save on the development time and costs while also reducing the marketing expenditure incurred in promoting a currency that already has a large user community. Existing currency users are automatically eligible for the forked coin, providing the coin a strategic edge over new tokens.


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Security is a major concern in the digital currency sphere and becomes even more important with newer launched currencies. Forks differ in that they inherit the security features of the parent blockchain, a fact of vital importance in securing them, leading to wider adoption and stronger security for businesses that can rely on time-tested blockchains.


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In countries where legal regulations prohibit traditional ICOs and other capital raising ventures that build new tokens from the ground up, forks can be important alternatives helping established businesses and start-ups reach their goal.


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As is evident from the current market situation, forks have the capability to shadow ICOs as revenue-generating mechanisms. Forks are projected to replace many of the top altcoins in the cryptocurrency world.

Why Forks are getting popular

Forks eliminate flaws in existing blockchains by introducing changes to the codebase, resulting in better performance and greater usability. Forks are also introduced to add new functionality to existing blockchains for addressing specific business requirements. In this way, a fork enables an organization to build upon a trusted decentralized network to expand in new frontiers without having to start from scratch. A fork also assumes greater significance for the end user who might benefit from the ease of mining. In a way, forks result in higher gains for both the developing companies and the user communities through greater user engagement and higher circulation.

The Fork Process

A cryptocurrency fork essentially involves the creation of a split in the blockchain, resulting in the formation of an offshoot of the main branch. We help clone the original code and build a custom currency and platform on top of the underlying architecture ensuring your specific needs are addressed and ideologies incorporated. The coin can be released with a new brand name complete with its unique feature set. Forks can be soft, involving minor changes to the codebase, or hard, involving the creation of a separate blockchain altogether.

BC combines all technical expertise to help create a tailor-made fork so businesses can focus on their end goals and desired features to be inculcated in the new code. Our team of experts helps enterprises create optimized forks that have the potential to become dominant blockchains resulting in higher revenues for the developers.

We help Individuals & Enterprises fork existing coins

At IBC, we empower businesses by creating tailor-made forks of existing cryptocurrencies with their specific business needs in mind. IBC combines technical expertise with a strong foundation in legal compliance to deliver performance optimized forked blockchains that help enterprises decentralize their business ventures with a tokenization of their assets. The result is a transparent, efficient, and custom technological solution that is backed by the power of trust and credibility.


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