ICO Funding Assistance

Are you interested in assistance with getting your ICO funded? If so, look no further than the IBC; our cryptocurrency lawyers have the know-how, experience, and savvy to facilitate all matters associated with raising capital and establishing equally valuable credibility in the cryptocurrency community. Venture capital firms know the inherent risks associated with investing in cryptocurrency projects, which means it is crucial for your ICO take every step possible to demonstrate your commitment to due diligence when it comes to mitigating the potential risks.

Legal and Financial Testing Services for Your ICO or STO

When it comes to funding your ICO or STO, we work with a select network of independent professionals to conduct a series of legal and financial tests for the purpose of assessing how likely your token or product is to being considered as a security. Additionally, we provide analysis to determine the likelihood of being subject to specific regulations at state, national or international levels. Our team of cryptocurrency experts can provide your company with the professional risk assessment from both a financial and business perspective to ascertain your break-even point, as well as strategies for reaching beyond to maximize profit and generate adequate funds for the growth of your idea.

Partnering with IBC = Unparalleled Risk Mitigation to Inspire Investor Confidence

The key components of any global risk mitigation strategy include staying fully compliant with the Securities and Exchange Commission, protecting your intellectual property rights, and the ability to handle any issues relating to utility tokens and securities that may arise. These factors can be complicated, but with the help of the lawyers that we will connect you with at IBC, you can instill the necessary trust to spur investor confidence and get your project funded. Contact our office today to take the first steps towards securing the long-term success of your ICO.

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