Where and how you launch your digital asset offering is key

The regulatory landscape for these still-emerging funding methods varies by jurisdiction and is rapidly evolving. IBC’s global network of legal experts are continually mapping the landscape, and can help you navigate it safely.

We evaluate your project and help you choose the most suitable fundraising method for your specific needs. We consider factors such as:

  • Size of funding needed
  • Time-frame for funding round completion
  • Level of utility of your tokens
  • Level of completion of your product
  • Level of decentralization of your product
  • Target market for holders and users of your tokens

For example, we help you understand the trade-offs between launching in an “ICO/IEO/STO-friendly” jurisdiction that may not provide you with access to sufficient capital, and launching in a larger market that has more onerous compliance requirements.

The trade-off can be summarized as follows:

  • Compliance in an “ICO/IEO/STO-friendly” jurisdiction may be relatively easy, but large projects may not gain access to the capital they need, crippling their ability to scale.
  • Compliance in another jurisdiction may provide abundant capital, but at high start-up costs with long delays, crippling particularly small-scale project’s ability to raise funds in a timely fashion.

Additionally, depending on the type of product you’re building, launching an STO might be the best choice.

Playing regulatory arbitrage requires deep understanding of the law, the bureaucracy, the culture, and just about everything in between. And while understanding these areas are important, launching your company is your primary focus and should take most of your attention.

With a network of experts in over 60 countries, IBC is your trusted guide for safely launching in the new world of digital asset offerings.

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