ICO Legal Document Preparation Services

At IBC, we recognize that you’re not just conducting an ICO, you’re running a business and funding a growing project all at the same time. Besides our general advisory services, we support our clients by partnering with leading cryptocurrency counsel for preparing all the requisite offering documents, operating documents, and investing documents your business needs on a day-to-day basis to make your ICO a success.

Even the most well-oiled machine will experience minor road bumps on a regular basis. When it comes to your ICO, even the most typical business occurrences can be far more complicated than they initially appear. Surprises such as rapid expansion into multiple jurisdictions, bringing in new employees, and business reorganizations can all slow you down and distract you from your ultimate goals. At IBC, we can help you by providing the precise legal documentation you need for any situation. In addition to industry-leading ICO legal advice, we handle the procedural work to protect you and your company when it comes to legal compliance issues in any jurisdiction worldwide.

Why You Need a Partner with Real-World ICO Experience

Preparing contracts and other documents are a significant need for all companies, regardless of their stage and level of growth. With an ICO, the typical boilerplate legal forms simply will not work. You need experts who understand the unique challenges and requirements for you and your company and will help you navigate the dangerous waters of an ICO together. You will almost certainly require employment contracts for your team, equity and token agreements for potential investors, non-disclosure agreements to protect your intellectual property, website and social media disclaimers, partnership agreements for any potential partnership with an outside entity, advertising and marketing agreements, token sale documents, office and equipment leases, and more. Our partner attorneys can prepare these documents, with each one tailored to your business‘ specific needs. With IBC, let our team of experts integrate all of your legal needs in a convenient and straightforward way.

Specialized Legal and Professional Services

Sometimes circumstances require outside assistance from other professional service firms like tax advisors or local legal counsel. When such situations arise, IBC will be right by your side, ensuring your local partners meet our high professional standards. Some common scenarios include:

  • Project-specific ICO structuring advice, particularly when there are securities elements as compared to a more straightforward utility token
  • Tax planning and advising on all tax aspects of an ICO in various jurisdictions
  • Legal Opinions to provide the Issuer, its directors and external parties (e.g., banks, token exchanges) with comfort concerning the legal landscape and regulatory situation of the digital token to be issued
  • Reviewing of White Paper, Light Paper or One Pager regarding unique material to be included in ‘forward-looking statements’ and provision of clauses to be contained in the White Paper
  • Drafting or reviewing of ICO Terms and Conditions for utility tokens
  • Drafting or reviewing of an Information Memorandum or full Prospectus for security tokens
  • Drafting or reviewing of Data Privacy Policy
  • Drafting or reviewing of Pre-Sale Agreement for Token Generation Event (TGE)
  • Drafting or reviewing of SAFT agreements
  • Drafting or critiquing of a comprehensive AML Manual for the Issuer
  • Incorporation of foreign corporate entities (foundation-type private limited company or a company limited by guarantee as ICO vehicles)
  • Provisioning of corporate services for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and Security Token Offerings (STO)
  • Incorporating and administering of foundation-type companies limited by guarantee and private limited companies (to be used as token issuers or blockchain ecosystem operating companies)
  • Provisioning of professional director services and bank account opening services in conjunction with ICO/STO projects

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