At times, companies must end, and so you need an understanding the process of shutting things down. This process is known as liquidation and includes selling your ICO/IEO/STO assets and then using the funds from this to to pay creditors and shareholders. After creditor liabilities are satisfied, investors should receive payments of their initial investment or current share of ownership. There a few different kinds of liquidation including complete and partial. In complete liquidation, the company transfers the ownership of all assets to shareholders, who assume remaining debt, which they are then responsible for paying off. In a partial liquidation your company redeems outstanding stock, or in the case of ICO/IEO/STO, tokens, then distributes the resulting funds to investors. This may be applicable if only one part of your business needs to be shut down. ICO/IEO/STO asset sales are an important part of moving on to your next project, and ensuring that while investors might not be happy, your business reputation will come out intact. IBC’s expertise can help you ensure that distribution of liquidated assets proceeds in a manner that is best for both you and your investors.

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