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To most people, your white paper is little more than a marketing tool to attract investors to your Initial Coin Offering (ICO). However, there are serious legal implications to consider when preparing a white paper. This is why you need a proper legal assessment of your white paper by qualified legal experts before you release anything to the public. At IBC, we will make sure you have access to a team of attorneys to guide you through the process of preparing an ICO white paper that will limit your legal liability in a way that will maximize investor confidence while minimizing risk.

Your ICO White Paper: an Announcement to the World

Your ICO white paper is your way of introducing your project to the world in a comprehensive way. This singular moment should provide an opportunity to create the crucial legitimacy and credibility within the ICO and cryptocurrency market. Your ICO white paper should reflect not only the broad strokes of your launch, but detailed information about the members of your team and advisory board and the pertinent technical aspects of your ICO.

IBC’s Exclusive White Paper Auditing Service

IBC Group now provides an exclusive White Paper Auditing Service to aid development teams in publishing a straightforward, appealing, plagiarism-free and legally compliant white paper.

Our team of legal experts audit existing white papers and help teams publish new ones. After IBC validates the originality of a project’s white paper, the white paper receives a certification stamp and site widget for authenticity stating “IBC Plagiarism Free.” IBC’s team of blockchain and cryptocurrency specialists also carefully examine the conceptual content of a white paper versus any competitors. Should we encounter any potentially questionable content, we will offer suggested modifications to keep your project free of plagiarism charges. A unique white paper, with certified original content, informs potential supporters that a blockchain project is legitimate, high-value, and worthy of their investment.

TRON, a well-known blockchain project, provides a cautionary tale concerning the influence a white paper has for an ICO/STO or existing token. TRON’s founder, Justin Sun, copied sections of IPFS and MineFileCoin white papers without attribution. Among other PR missteps, the white paper plagiarism scandal helped drive TRON’s token value down 80% from $0.25 to $0.05 in days. From the fourth spot in market cap, TRON has dropped to 13th. White paper authenticity must be a fundamental objective for new and existing blockchain projects. Authenticity leads to trust, recognition, and attention from potential supporters.

Components of IBC’s White Paper Auditing Services:


This comprehensive process ensures your project’s white paper meets technical writing specifications.


Experienced technical writers confirm your white paper’s technical details, concepts, terminology, while ensuring any references are correct and intelligible for tech-savvy blockchain enthusiasts and potential supporters.


Eye-catching diagrams and infographics add value to your whitepaper, separating it from the pack while communicating complex ideas in an easy to understand format. The more accessible and interesting a project’s white paper is, the more likely it is to gain attention.


Beyond a mere copy check, IBC’s experts identify conceptual similarities to other blockchain white papers that might be construed as inadvertent imitation. Imitation devalues a white paper, while authenticity adds significant value.


Every word, claim, image, reference, and declaration within a white paper can lead to regulatory challenges. IBC’s team of multi-disciplinary consultants, including software developers, legal experts, marketers, and technical writers will assist your team with clearing regulatory hurdles while minimizing liability exposure.

The “IBC Plagiarism-Free” Stamp of Approval

Whether you are part of the marketing, software development, investor relations, or legal team, you know how critical a professional white paper is to your project’s ultimate success. The ICO/STO space has evolved beyond supporting imitation projects rehashing the same terms of the blockchain, distributed ledger, trustless, secured, and smart contracts. Garnering attention, thought leadership, and eventually, funding, demands greater originality in the conceptual framework of a project and its white paper presentation.

Your project white paper IS the project to potential supporters and investors. Rather than take a chance on the quality of your white paper in terms of how unique your idea is and how thoroughly your present the technical details, IBC’s white paper audit elevates your position relative to blockchain competitors. Earning the “IBC Plagiarism-Free” stamp of approval confirms your project white paper as an original development in blockchain technology and tells potential investors that you have a team of professionals standing behind the document.

As Always, the Devil is in the Details

Details matter, and seemingly minor problems with your white paper can lead to trouble with compliance. Such compliance issues are the kinds of red flags that can frighten away savvy investors. Your project’s white paper should be part of a meticulously prepared portfolio carefully devised to not merely impress, but set you apart from your competitors. A white paper is the face of your project to regulatory agencies, investors, and the general public; therefore, it is crucial that yours conveys the highest degree of professionalism and legal proficiency. At IBC, our team can help you show the world that your ICO is a major player and should be regarded accordingly.

Your ICO white paper must demonstrate stability, longevity, and legitimacy to both potential investors and to the general public. Remember, investors will almost surely have in-house or outside counsel review your documentation before investing as part of their standard due diligence. A white paper riddled with basic legal errors will sound the alarm telling investors to steer clear. You only have one shot to make a good first impression; therefore, you need that first impression to demonstrate a clear grasp of the legal and regulatory issues ahead.

Objectivity is Crucial for your ICO White Paper

You know the details of your project better than anybody, which is why you should be an integral part of the white paper process. But sometimes closeness to a project can allow unintentional biases and even misrepresentations to pass through the process, culminating in substantial compliance issues down the road. The need to have an objective legal review is just one reason why it is imperative to always have trained, experienced, licensed legal professionals review your white paper.

The team at IBC will connect you with top-notch legal specialists to prepare a comprehensive legal assessment of your white paper and caution about possible issues and risks. It is important to remember that investors, policymakers, regulators, and most particularly, the courts will ultimately rely on your white paper to interpret crucial technical and legal details regarding your token. For this reason, your white paper can have far-reaching ramifications for the future. By using your white paper to clearly specify the details of your token offering, including an analysis of the market, identifiable risks, and the intended use of invested funds, you are protecting your company and yourself against future potential liability.

Limiting Your Legal Liability

To properly shield your company from legal exposure, it is imperative to provide the necessary details in a manner that is straightforward and unambiguous. In the event of a legal dispute, courts will rely on a “plain reading” of a document when interpreting its meaning. Instead of struggling to explain what you meant to convey, rely on experienced lawyers to ensure your language is constructed in a way to withstand legal scrutiny. Again, details matter; something as innocuous as a misplaced comma could lead to devastating consequences as the result of a lawsuit. Due diligence is not optional; it is integral to your success.

For these reasons, you must resist the temptation to cut corners by enlisting freelance writers to assist with your ICO white paper. In addition to the lack of knowledge with the subject matter, most freelance writers simply lack the requisite legal education and training to properly mitigate risks. It’s a dangerous shortcut that will almost assuredly lead you down a treacherous path.

At IBC, we have access to a lineup of experienced ICO lawyers and ICO litigation attorneys with specialized expertise in crafting ICO white papers that are clearly understood by the general public, while safeguarding the intellectual property of your project.

Because ICO white paper contains so much information about your launch, it is crucial that the white paper is reviewed for any accidental material misstatements that could land the project in hot water down the road. Furthermore, an ICO white paper should incorporate all necessary disclaimers and risks for the protection of both your project and your investors.

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