Platform and Smart Contract Creation

Putting a great idea into practice takes the right set of skills. Our in-house technical team has complete command of blockchain node creation, proficient in Python, C++, Go, Java, and others. We create and manage your user wallets for your crowdsale, and help you incorporate metadata and external references. IBC also specialize in smart contract creation in Solidity, Serpent, and LLL, and can generate smart contracts as well as custom User Interfaces for your platform.

Coding, Testing and Implementation

“Much of the essence of building a program is in fact the debugging of the specification.” — Fred Brooks

IBC offers full-service coding, compiling, and testing for your blockchain platform to ensure that your product is fully functional and bug-free. We also provide a complete implementation package in order to move your blockchain platform directly into the market through the fastest and cleanest method.

Major and Side Chain Experts

No matter what blockchain protocol you intend to use, our technical team is ready. We have expertise in Bitcoin, Ethereum, NXT, QTUM, and EOS, as well as sidechains like Blockstream, Rootstock, and others. Our team provides consultation and platform creation to help you decide which chain to choose, produce the envisioned product and help you issue your tokens.

Code Security Audit

A successful hacking event is every coder’s nightmare. Not only does it destroy customer trust, but can result in significant capital loss. Our technical team is able to audit the entire code required for your platform in order to ensure it withstands our rigid security protocols. Our priority is clear, we ensure our clients are protected from all facets.

White Paper Creation

Your White Paper is your best marketing tool. Most contributors will pursue your IDO/IEO/STO based on the clarity and excellence of this document. Our staff can produce a clear and concise White Paper that contains all the important technical and legal information. We also offer full translation services into all languages in order help you reach your target audience.

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