Intellectual Property Protection

IBC will connect you with trusted attorneys to help you not only register your ICO or STO project worldwide but also serves as an invaluable partner when it comes to protecting your Intellectual Property (IP). We only recommend lawyers with the wisdom and prowess to ensure that your Intellectual Property, both new and existing, is adequately protected. At IBC, we make sure our clients have access to independent attorneys to help handle all aspects of Intellectual Property law, including trademarks, patents, domain names, copyright, and trade secrets. With IBC on your team, you can rest assured that we will help you defend your Intellectual Property rights to the fullest extent allowable by law.

Evolving Trends in Intellectual Property and ICOs

The rising popularity of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) over the last several years has been impossible to ignore as more and more companies rush to take advantage of the benefits inherent in an ICO. During that time, there has been an equally undeniable growing correlation between ICO initial offering subscription levels for an ICO and how they depict their Intellectual Property, specifically when it comes to their Patent portfolio.

One key measure of understanding how a project’s Intellectual Property portfolio (especially its Patents) creates barriers to entry is establishing a clear map between your ICO’s product commercialization, coin offering plan, proof of product differentiation, and how they utilize the blockchain technology. Investors are increasingly doing thorough due-diligence, either independently or by enlisting the advice of outside legal counsel, on the Intellectual Property an ICO holds before determining whether to invest in the ICO. Such analysis includes an assessment of how vast the Intellectual Property claims are, how that Intellectual Property integrates with the blockchain platform in relation to the issuance or exchange of other ICO’s, and the extent of any potential assignment or ownership issues. Other considerations include the results of any litigation or pending threats of litigation, challenges to the legitimacy of the underlying Intellectual Property, competitive market analysis, and other common due diligence parameters relating to Intellectual Property.

The Changing Role of Intellectual Property Holdings in ICO White Papers

To properly address these concerns, most ICO white papers pay significant attention to how they present their Intellectual Property with respect to the implementation and execution of each feature of their blockchain. These considerations often include the planned management of digital contracts, optimization of any appropriate monitoring for the Internet of Things devices, or configuring data analytics to associate with blockchain network tokens. Some companies have gone further, using their white papers as instruments to map their patent claims with the appropriate cryptocurrency interfacing mechanisms.

A Proactive Approach to Intellectual Property as an ICO Asset

And while focusing on their Intellectual Property holdings in the United States is still a primary objective for most ICOs, there is a growing movement to highlight similar Intellectual Property holdings in countries like Israel, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Singapore. By demonstrating this multi-jurisdictional portfolio of Intellectual Property rights, companies can prove the strength of their products to investors and the cryptocurrency community at large. Any chance to stand out from the competition can put your ICO at a competitive advantage; the experts at IBC not only understand the importance of establishing such a significant edge but also the methodologies to help you capitalize on these advantages.

While most ICOs limit the scope of their white papers to a barebones definition of their tokens along with general statements about how they will be acquired and released or spent, along with planned token generation events. By taking the additional step of enhancing these relatively basic facts by showing the value of the underlying Intellectual Property associated with each level, IBC can help you essentially monetize your Intellectual Property as the valuable asset it is. Just the act of demonstrating your awareness of how much value your Intellectual Property adds to your ICO will show investors that while your competitors are playing checkers, you are playing chess.

Contact IBC for Essential Intellectual Property Expertise

Developing a robust Intellectual Property strategy before launching your ICO will not only instill tremendous confidence among potential investors but also help you create a crucial differentiator in the market. Contact the team at IBC today to be connected with our exclusive network of experienced attorneys and take the first step towards making your Intellectual Property strategy a key component to your ICO’s success.

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