Jurisdictional Analysis

Each country views ICO/STOs differently, with each having their own legal system to grapple with the myriad of issues associated with launching one. This diverse legal landscape requires an in-depth understanding of the laws, the legislative process, the bureaucratic machine, and just about everything in between. And while understanding these components of the broader legal system is essential, launching your company is your primary focus and deserves the bulk of your attention. IBC can help handle the rest by connecting you with experienced attorneys and letting you know which jurisdictions have legal frameworks best suited for ICO, IEO, STOs, and which countries are actively courting ICO, IEO, and STO and attracting large amounts of capital.

Where and how you launch your digital asset offering is key

The regulatory landscape for these still-emerging funding methods varies by jurisdiction and is rapidly evolving. IBC’s global network of experts continually monitor the landscape by following statutory and regulatory trends worldwide to help you safely navigate the laws.

We evaluate your project and help you choose the most suitable fundraising method for your specific needs. We consider factors such as:

  • Amount of funding needed
  • Time-frame for funding round completion
  • Level of the utility of your tokens
  • Status of completion of your product
  • Level of decentralization of your product
  • Target market for holders and users of your tokens

For example, we help you understand the trade-offs between launching in an “ICO/STO-friendly” jurisdiction that may not provide you with access to sufficient capital as compared to launching in a broader market that has more rigorous compliance requirements.

As a general rule, compliance in an “ICO/STO-friendly” jurisdiction may be relatively easy. But large projects may not gain access to the capital they need, crippling their ability to scale. By comparison, compliance in another jurisdiction may provide abundant capital, but at high start-up costs with long delays, crippling mainly small-scale project’s ability to raise funds in a timely manner.

Different Jurisdictions Offer Different Options for Your ICO/STO

Your ultimate jurisdiction may also impact the overall structure of your offering. Depending on the specific product you’re building and where you plan on launching, you may realize that an ICO may be preferable to the STO you had originally considered.

Playing regulatory arbitrage is serious business, requiring a deep understanding of the law, the bureaucracy, the culture, and just about everything in between. Instead of laying awake at night worrying about making the wrong move, partner with the team of experts at IBC. You focus on launching your ICO/STO, and we’ll focus on making it the best offering possible by assisting with the endless legal details.

With a network of experts in over 60 countries, IBC is your trusted guide for safely launching in the new world of digital asset offerings. Contact IBC today to learn how we can put our experience to work for you.

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