Financial Protection at the Speed of Blockchain

Today, there are many stories of cryptocurrency investors and purchasers losing their investment because they misplaced the key to their wallet. You’ll find even more reports of lost funds due to stolen keys and social engineering threats.

It’s simple to protect against these types of losses by employing a multi-sig wallet.

IBC makes it simple for you to employ this technology for the benefit of your customers and your exchange’s credibility. There’s no reason to lose face or investor interest due to losses. We’ll work with your team to create or choose the right protocol for ETH, BTC, and other cryptocurrencies.

Matching Top Financial Protections

Most leading and large financial transactions require multiple parties to sign off to make sure the transaction is valid. It limits fraud and illegal activities, especially if an account is lost or stolen. Cryptocurrency wallets can use this leading financial protection tool when they employ a multi-signature, or multi-sig, approach.

Development and Implementation of Your Multi-Sig Wallet

IBC offers comprehensive education, consulting, and multi-sig wallet development services designed to protect coin purchases. Multi-sig wallets make cryptocurrencies more secure as your network grows, and you support a wider range of transactions.

Set Approvals Right for Your Market

You can determine how many authorizers and verifiers are needed to approve a transaction as well as set requirements for submitting transfer and payment requests. Our turnkey solution will help you determine the right metrics for your market and expected transaction volumes.

Building in a multi-sig wallet from your initial launch enables you to promote your currency and ICO/IEO/STO as a safe option following industry-leading best practices and protocol selection.

Limit Customer Potential for Losses

Traditional cryptocurrency wallets rely on a single signature key for transaction verification. While this provides some autonomy to the fund’s owner, it introduces a variety of risks. Multi-sig wallets can help limit losses that occur due to lost or stolen keys. Protect your customers and your organization by ensuring that the wallet you choose relies on the most powerful safeguards.

Development and Selection Services

The cryptocurrency space changes rapidly. Some existing services have begun locking down development and stopped supporting the creation of new multi-sig vaults, while others are mandating the technology be part of any vault. We’ll provide you with the knowledge and support to pick a long-term growth partner or assist you in creating your own multi-sig wallet.

Keeping Multi-Sig Familiar

A common deployment of multi-sig wallet services is two-factor authentication, where the user needs a key stored on their PC as well as access to their smartphone. Any transaction requires access and approval from both devices to occur.

Your customers will be familiar with 2FA thanks to its implementation in common services such as accessing online bank accounts and even email.

Enterprise and business customers will also find our multi-sig wallet services familiar because they follow best practices common when two departments or individuals in a business complete a third-party transaction: one group to initiate the purchase or transaction, and another group to verify and authorize payment.

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