Post-ICO/STO Token and Legal Management

When your ICO/STO is complete, the real work is just beginning. At IBC, we help our clients by providing a comprehensive array of professional services while our business development team focuses on growing your business and achieving your milestones. We understand that every step you take is critical and requires professional management by an experienced team of experts. Our goal is to become your partner on this exciting and fulfilling journey.

Post-ICO Support Tools

Legal protections must extend beyond your ICO/STO to keep your business safe and healthy. Growth requires established best practices and governance; the last thing you want is to fall out of compliance and place all your hard work at risk.

When your ICO is complete, our support kicks into high gear to help you manage the vast array of post-offering issues confronting your company on a daily basis. IBC offers ongoing support to allow your business development and sales teams expand your reach into new markets or onto new exchanges. Our goal is to see our clients reach each milestone with peace of mind and quickly adjust to any new regulations that may occur.

Given the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency landscape, the SEC could literally shift gears and issue new guidelines tomorrow. All of IBC Group’s customers will be prepared for whatever comes their way. Will you?

Fund Liquidation and Distribution

The liquidation and distribution processes can be very complex and require extensive documentation to retain customer trust. Our trusted network of ICO/STO professionals can navigate the process of fund liquidation and token distribution in full compliance with local regulations while maintaining investor trust.

At times, companies must end, and so you need an understanding of the process of winding down operations. This process, known as liquidation, includes selling your ICO/STO assets and then using the funds from this to pay creditors and shareholders. After creditor liabilities are satisfied, investors should receive payments of their initial investment or current share of ownership.

Complete vs. Partial Liquidation

Two of the most common types of liquidation are complete and partial. In a complete liquidation, the company transfers the ownership of all assets to shareholders, who assume remaining debt, which they are then responsible for paying off. In a partial liquidation your company redeems outstanding stock, or in the case of ICO, IEO, STO, tokens, then distributes the resulting funds to investors. A partial liquidation may be applied if only one part of your business needs to be shut down. ICO/STO asset sales are an essential part of moving on to your next project, and although your investors might not be happy, your business can emerge with its reputation still intact.

The team at IBC will connect you with attorneys who have the expertise to help ensure that if a liquidation becomes necessary, the distribution of liquidated assets proceeds in a manner that is best for both you and your investors.

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At IBC, we know that launching an ICO/STO is a massive undertaking, and the work doesn’t end with the offering itself. We want to develop long-term partnerships with clients poised for sustained growth and prosperity. Let us help you get there by calling our office today.

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