HR Services For Business

Our team comprises of multilingual HR and recruitment professionals with years of experience working on international projects. IBC helps businesses source the right blockchain talent quickly and efficiently- technical professionals and developers, management executives, and IDO/IEO/STO advisors to help businesses deploy their blockchain-based technologies globally.

Financial Reporting

Trust is built on integrity, which is why we’ve built an experienced team of financial professionals who can create, audit, and build reports for your financial data. Once your IDO/IEO/STO is complete it is critical to maintain customer trust, and our system ensures this is achieved.

Board Guidance

Your board of directors can either make or break your IDO/IEO/STO. Leveraging our IDO/IEO/STO experience, we can guide decision-making for board members in order to give your IDO/IEO/STO the right placement in the market and further building consumer trust.

Marketing and Product Placement

The value of your token is built on your platform’s performance. If your platform isn’t performing, your token won’t either. Our team creates your post-IDO/IEO/STO strategy with a focus on complete operational efficiency, allowing you to focus on management and control.

Token Control

Tokens are the barometer of decentralized platforms. Losing control of your tokens means your platform is at risk. This is where our experienced token managers can keep you in control of your token ecosystem, whether for wallet management, providing exchange updates and integration, trading volumes, or daily price variations.

Long Term Business Development

Our goal is to help you develop long term business strategies that move your company forward into the future. We can create solutions tailored to your platform encompassing regulatory compliance, business planning, marketing structures and business growth.

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