Every company has a reputation to uphold. Shareholders, board members, and customers all care a great deal about reputation. IBC’s goal is to not only help startups and ICO/IEO/STO manage their reputation, but make them stand out from the crowd.

Because ICO/IEO/STO succeed or fail based largely on public perception and community support, having a stellar reputation and avoiding pitfalls are of utmost importance. IBC undertakes in a unique strategy of reputation marketing and crisis management to avoid ICO/IEO/STO flounders.

The team works directly with clients to promote the positive elements of their business and platform while specifically addressing criticisms that have been levied against them. In the event of a crisis, IBC takes a proactive approach. It is not enough to simply respond to problems; their effects must be reversed.

Our process starts by learning about your business and ICO/IEO/STO, inside and out. Then, we put ourselves in the position of your critics to analyze where you are weakest. We analyze the competition to see where your ICO/IEO/STO might be falling behind. From then on, we work with your team to come up with an actionable gameplan to continuously promote the best parts of your business while simultaneously shoring up the weak points.

IBC’s team specializes in crisis preparedness, litigation communications, and reputation recovery to help you stay on your feet when you need it most. Coupled with upfront reputation management, even the most serious of issues can be mitigated.

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