STO & IEO Incubator Program

Introducing the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) & Security Token Offering (STO) Incubator Program.

In today’s day & age, a full-scale Token Offering can not only raise tens or hundreds of millions (sometimes in seconds or minutes), but can also cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for listing, marketing, legal and preparing the materials (pitch deck, white paper, website, minimum viable product)

The compliant version of the Initial Exchange Offering model, the Security Token Offering, comes with a similar cost and this involves further legal fees such as the pre-requisites of registering with a financial regulator.

IBC’s incubator program was developed to assist budget limited or risk-averse projects with the ever-challenging task of fundraising.

After creating the IEO Ladder Program, where we find investors to fund the full process of the Initial Exchange Offering, and the STO Private Placement Program, where we find accredited and non-accredited investors interested in investing in the Security Token Offering, we realized we can replicate a similar system that is applicable to both models and find investors that are able to cover the costly initial outlays of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our database of over 100,000 worldwide investors (mainly VCs & Family Offices) allows us to connect projects qualified by our team with a large number of potentially interested VCs, Family Offices, Ultra High Net-Worth Individuals HNWIs.

IBC’s pre-established relationships and industry reputation grants it and the projects it bears under its wing exclusive access to invitation-only roadshows in the United States, Asia, China, Russia, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Europe.

For Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs):

As you probably know by now, IBC is the first, the only, the largest and the most successful company to be conducting IEOs. The team has launched 10 so far, and has another 5 in progress as of this writing.

Those projects have raised an average of USD$3.2m distributing 10-20% of their tokens.

The reason we can get projects on quality exchanges with a lot of users is because of:

  1. Our very close relationships with the exchanges and their owners
  2. Our reputation in the industry, meaning exchanges can trust the projects we present them
  3. We will work with the projects AFTER you raise capital to ensure it is a success, so the investors at an exchange do not end up investing in a badly managed project with no product. This is a very important point for the exchanges.

A full explanation of our ladder approach system for Initial Exchange Offerings can be found here:

Our ladder approach system requires an initial outlay of $30,000, however, If your budget is limited and within the range of $10,000-$15,000, you may want to explore our Incubator Program in which we raise capital to fund your IEO through our investor network.

The success rate with these rounds has recently been high as investors are lured by the hype of IEOs and the speed of fundraising, meaning they will get their money back rapidly (an investor’s dream). You can also try to find an investor yourself to fund the IEO rather than have us do so if you prefer. (more details in this quick video)

For Security Token Offerings (STOs):

Our team fully understands that the IEO model may not be for everyone. Many projects seek a model that is legally compliant in jurisdictions such as the US.IBC has been conducting STOs since 2017 and our team is currently working with 5 STO Incubator Clients as of this writing (with zero promotion).

Throughout the 2018 ICO hype, decided to leverage the connections of our founder’s VC fund, IBI, and connect projects with accredited & non-accredited investors. The result of all this was the birth of our renowned Private Placement service which allowed many projects to raise capital.

Our Private Placement services are valued between $30,000 to $40,000 depending upon the needs of the project itself, however, because we understand that not every project can afford this initial outlay we’ve decided to create a leaner & more streamlined investment seeking approach which we’ve termed as our Incubator Program.

IBC’s incubator program will allow your Security Token Offering (STO) to find the necessary investors, for $10,000, needed to provide the $90,000-$100,000 for the full roll-out of the fundraising campaign.

The IBC Team is able to not only incubate your STO but also register it within a wide variety of major and trustworthy jurisdictions inclusive of the SEC (Under a Reg D or Reg CF registration), FINMA, MAS, and many more.

What you get:

  • Connect with 1200+ accredited & sophisticated investors
  • Exclusive access to an extended 150,000 investor database
  • Selective access to Private Investor Dinners in San Francisco, Japan, Korea, Miami, and more.
  • Top tier access to invitation only Roadshows & Events in Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland and many other key locations.
  • Carefully crafted pitch-deck.

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