IBC Group now offers an exclusive Whitepaper Auditing Service to help development teams publish a clear, exciting, plagiarism-free and legally compliant whitepaper.

We audit existing whitepapers and help teams publish new ones. After IBC validates the originality of a project’s whitepaper, the whitepaper receives a certification stamp and site widget for authenticity stating “IBC Plagiarism Free.” IBC’s team of blockchain and cryptocurrency specialists also carefully review the conceptual content of a whitepaper versus competitors Should we find any potentially questionable content, we offer suggested modifications for keeping your project free of plagiarism charges. A unique whitepaper, with certified original content, informs potential supporters that a blockchain project is legitimate, high-value, and worth considering for an investment.

TRON, a well know blockchain project, offers a cautionary tale regarding the power a whitepaper has for an ICO/IEO/STO or existing token. TRON’s founder, Justin Sun, copied sections of IPFS and MineFileCoin white papers without attribution. Among other PR missteps, the white paper plagiarism scandal helped drive TRON’s token value down 80% from $0.25 to $0.05 in days. From the fourth spot in market cap, TRON has fallen to 13th. White paper authenticity must be a primary goal for new and existing blockchain projects. Authenticity leads to trust, recognition and attention from potential supporters.

The IBC Whitepaper Auditing
Services includes:

Certified grammar
and content editing

This detailed process insures your project’s whitepaper meets technical writing standards.


Experienced technical writers confirm your whitepaper’s technical details, concepts, nomenclature and references are correct and intelligible for tech-savvy blockchain enthusiasts and potential supporters.

Diagram and image

Eye catching diagrams add value to your whitepaper, separating it from the pack while communicating complex ideas clearly.. The more accessible and interesting a project’s whitepaper is, the more likely it is to gain attention.


Beyond simply a copy check, IBC’s experts identify conceptual similarities to other blockchain whitepapers that might be construed as inadvertent imitation. Imitation devalues a whitepaper, while authenticity adds significant value.


Every word, claim, image, reference, and declaration within a whitepaper can lead to regulatory challenges. IBC’s team of multi-disciplinary consultants, including software developers, legal experts, marketers, and technical writers will assist your team with clearing regulatory hurdles while minimizing liability exposure.

Whether you are part of the marketing, software development, investor relations, or legal team, you are aware of how critical a professional level whitepaper is to your project’s eventual success. The ICO/IEO/STO space has evolved beyond supporting imitation projects rehashing the same terms of blockchain, distributed ledger, trustless, secured, and smart contracts. Gaining attention, thought leadership, and eventually funding, demands greater originality in the conceptual framework of a project and its whitepaper presentation.

Your project whitepaper IS the project to potential supporters and investors. Rather than take a chance on the quality of your whitepaper regarding how unique the idea is and how thoroughly your present the technical details, IBC’s whitepaper audit elevates your position relative to blockchain competitors. Earning the “IBC Plagiarism Free” stamp of approval confirms your project whitepaper as an original development in blockchain technology and insures potential investors of a professional team standing behind the document.


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